Heroes 5.5 update 17h – maintenance release for 17g

Heroes 5.5 team released RC17h update, this is a maintenance release for 17g, which brought so much new stuff, some mistakes were unavoidable. This is a standalone download, you don’t need 17g, just download 17h as all-in-one package with campaigns. If you have 17g you can install over it.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
see discord server for large database of compatible maps (most maps from maps4heroes.com have to be edited to work properly)

Heroes 5.5 update 17h changelog:

  • fixed shantiri sun disc not working on the adventure map
  • fixed some terrains have slightly higher chance for utopia level buildings
  • loop-L template has utopia level buildings more concentrated in zone before the middle than in the middle itself.
  • Loop-L middle zone is ~20% smaller, while the zones before it are ~10% larger.
  • loop-L template has dimension doors in 2nd zone
  • fixed pariah giving shadow image instead of vampirism
  • chaotic absorption now gives 40% magic proof
  • reduced pirate boots and pillager bonuses by 50 movement points and clarified descriptions
  • arcane renewal also increases mana regeneration by 5
  • arcane renewal is now prerequisite for mark of the sorceror
  • arcane brilliance is now a prerequisite for arcane omniscience
  • reverted atb reset for encourage to 0.15
  • dungeon gets some more defensive options to counter magic
  • shadow dragon -5HP, +50% magic proof
  • dark raider +10HP, -1 mindmg,-1A
  • brisk raider +5HP, -2 ini, +2 maxdmg, -3A, +1D
  • manticores +1A, +5D, +2 initiative, dmg lowered to 17-23 + 8 poison dmg for 3 turns.
  • Mummies -13 mana, -1 ini, +1A, +1D, +1 Speed
  • arcane eagles +3A, +1D
  • sky daughters -2 mana (just correction, not a nerf)
  • nerfed pit lord mana more when they split in 4 as neutrals
  • fixed pit spawn mana not shown in crpedia
  • clarified text of magic resistance skill
  • fixed description of master of pain
  • fixed description of rupture and mass rupture in spellbook
  • fixed text of mass cleansing, weakness and divine strength
  • fixed gotai not starting with T4
  • fixed a fight template for battle sites

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