Greenhouse town download

Platform VCMI
File Size 15 MB
Version 0.1.5
Author MadHatter
Updated 14.01. 2022
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List of units/Creatures:

Level 1 Pea / Tyrolean pea
Week unit that focus on damage, upgraded have luck.

Level 2 Cucumber / Cossack Cucumbers
Basic: shooter (12 shoots)
Upgrade: High morale, no melee penalty, shooter (12 shoots)

Level 3: Onions / Samurai Onion
Basic: good attack and defense skill
Upgrade: chance to blind enemy

Level 4: Eggplant / Wild (or barbaric) Eggplant
Basic: A lot of HP, defense unit
Upgrade: Regeneration

Level 5: Pumpkin / Pumpkinhead
Basic: flying, offensive unit, fast
Upgrade: Life stealing

Level 6: Broccoli / Broccoli Lord
Basic: shooter (12), dispell, strong unit
Upgrade: shooter(24), healning

Level 7: Potato / Noble potato
Basic: slow, a lot of hp and defense, 25% magic resist
Upgrade: attack 3 units as one (like cerber)