fheroes2 update v0.9.11 with additional spell info and Russian language support

Another important feature which was added for this release is extended spell description for heroes. From now on you don’t need to calculate how much damage a certain spell will do or how many Elementals you can summon during the battle. Just open the spell description window and check the outcome.

Team also added a map information popup window while right clicking on a map in the list of maps. This window shows the location of the file and map type: either “The Succession Wars” or “The Price of Loyalty” so players can easily find these files on their machines.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version

  • Add Russian language support for any version of the game and generate proper letters for French language
  • Add additional spell info for spells owned by a hero
  • Add a popup dialog for map information
  • Fix AI behaviour during castle defence and update logic with road and its movement score
  • Fix UI elements rendering and few crashes related to them
  • Over 20 bugs fixed since 0.9.10 release

Full list of changes can be found here. We recommend to use SDL2 version for latest OSes, while SDL1 is preferable for old systems.

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