fheroes 2 update v0.9.13 with improved AI, Czech language support

Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection (fheroes2) is not only a remake of the original Heroes 2 game for current platforms but it also includes modifications of the game interface so that players can use certain mechanics in the most comfortable and intuitive way.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version

fheroes 2 update v0.9.13 changelog:

  • Improve AI behavior in battles and on map, including hero recruitment, building castles and to be more aggressive while losing the game
  • Fix many music and sound related issues like missing sounds for objects, Vampire movement in battle, incorrect music after switching castles
  • Add initial implementation of Text Support mode to allow people with vision issues to play the game
  • Scrollbars in the game are scalable according to the number of elements in the list
  • Most of dialogs containing icons of artifacts, spells and etc allow to get extra information by right mouse clicking on these icons
  • Add support of official Czech translation of the game and fix various general translation related issues
  • Awards and choices in campaigns are not right mouse clickable allowing player to get detailed information about each item
  • Over 50 bugs fixed since 0.9.12 release

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