Death Chamber – defeat the Undead King and get the Ghosts into your army

Death Chambers are a new type of creature bank where you must fight the Undead King and his undead minions. (CB = Creature bank) REWARD: Gold, Mihril and Ghosts.

Ghosts from Enroth. Yes, these callous creations have returned! Having neither flesh, nor blood, being to all indifferent, they kill all and d raw forth the liberated souls. These Erathian ghosts have learned a few tricks s ince their time spent in Enroth; they have learned to withdraw the spirits of all creatures and creations on the battlefield.

Now, not only living things can fill up the ranks of the ghosts, but also dead, and also not alive and not dead. Only instruments of war such as catapults and ballista are beyond the reach of their ghostly embrace.

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