fheroes 2 update v0.9.12 with Betrayal scenarios for Roland and Archibald campaigns

Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection is not only a remake of the original Heroes 2 game for current platforms but it also includes modifications of the game interface so that players can use certain mechanics in the most comfortable and intuitive way.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version

We recommend to use SDL2 version for latest OSes, while SDL1 is preferable for old systems.

fheroes2 team added betrayal scenario for Roland and Archibald campaigns where players can switch side and play for the opposite Lord. The team fixed few other small issues related to campaigns so you can enjoy playing it even more.

fheroes 2 update v0.9.12 changelog:

  • Make AI heroes to create complex paths over water and land and even through whirlpools
  • Fix remaining issues with object passabilities on a map
  • Add ability to generate German letters for any version of the game and update Russian, Polish, German and French translations
  • Fix multiple places with battle logic and interface
  • Add Betrayal scenarios for Roland and Archibald campaigns
  • Add ability to view dead monster information during battle
  • Over 60 bugs fixed since 0.9.11 release

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