Features and enhancements of the fHeroes2 Resurrection project

This page is a collection of features and enhancements made in fheroes2 project in comparison with the original Heroes of Might and Magic II game. All information presented in this document is subject to change and does not cover every detail presented in the project.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version
How to install fheroes2 with campaign animations (youtube)

Special characteristics for each creature in creature info window

Special Characteristics

Higher resolution selection

Resolution select

New configuration dialog


Multiple language support

Language selection

[*] Language selection is available for any version of the original game, however assets containing text and voice acting will remain on the initial language.

Hot keys list

Hot keys

[*] It’s also possible to re-assign hot-keys.

Instant battle option

Restart battle in manual mode

Restart button

Instant finishing of manual battles

Finish battle

[*] Press Q to finish the battle in auto mode.

Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys for army rearrangement

Buttons for splitting into several equal stacks

Fast split buttons

Spell duration in creature info window during battle

Spell duration counter

Spell description in creature info window during battle

Spell description

Creature’s movement area is divided into separate hexes

Double hex highlight for “big” creatures

Double hex attack highlight

Attacking damage pop up window

Damage info

Recruit troops in well

Well recruit

[*] In the original game the only way to hire creatures was to click each dwelling in castle screen.

Larger creature counters

Mass spell casting area

Spell area

Liches shooting area highlight

Shooting Liches

New “Town Portal” spell UI

New button to check hero info in multiple game dialogs

Hero Info

Creature upgrade selection buttons

Extended day counters for cursors

Cursor counters

[*] In the original game counter was limited to 4 days.

Visited status for multiple objects on an adventure map

Visited objects

Kingdom income window in castle screen

New mass spell icons, rendered from the original ones

Switch town buttons at construction screen

Switch town

Added missing part of a farm in Knight town

[*] A shadow from a castle in front of the field was also removed.

Icon for original or expansion map types

Added missing part of Captain’s Quarters in Barbarian town

Location within OS and map name could be checked through save file info

Save file info

Removed bridge for Captain’s Quarters in Necromancer town

Fixed part of Cavalry sprite being rendered with wrong colors

Check hero info during battle

Glowing frame for selected creature or artifact at hero meeting dialog

Visited Shrine and Witch Hut info shows which skill or spell a hero can study there

Witch Hut Shrine

Fixed multiple objects rendering in Barbarian city

Fixed multiple objects rendering in Sorceress city

[*] Note, that water was always rendered in the corner in the original game, even if town had no access to ocean.

Show army order during battle

Army order

Save file list shows the date each file has been overwritten

[*] Fheroes2 also allows to delete files and wheel scroll list.

Move army/artifacts buttons

[*] In the original game these arrows were just a part of image.

Added shadow for a spell book at adventure map and battle screens

All images of mage guilds are centered in guild spell window

Extended spell info in hero spell book

Spell Info

Castle flags in a Knight and Wizard city correspond player’s color

Fixed flag overlay with tower in Knight castle

Size adaptive game scroll bars

Rewards and bonuses in campaign have detailed info on right click

[*] In the original game none of elements have info window.

Campaign difficulty selection


[*] Selected difficulty will effect the result in High Scores.

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