HoMM III: The Board Game – Post campaign Inferno expansion update

The town board for Inferno is currently under construction! In addition to this, the Familiar, Cerberus, and Efreet models are ready and approved!

Rule Changes

First up, we have something that many fans have been asking for – The combat board has been extended by 1 column!

This was done to introduce more space during combat so players felt like they had more control over what was going on. To compensate for the fact that the combat board is now larger, regular ground units now have 3 movement points, up from 2.

In addition to this, units now have access to the“Defense” action, which adds additional Defense for 1 turn which is another mechanic that was heavily requested by backers! Well, someone’s gotta tank…

Design/Quality Changes

As you might have noticed earlier, there’s only 1 larger combat board now, with players laying their cards out at the start of combat. The combat board is now a larger piece of cardboard that folds in 2, allowing for much greater ease of use, as the previous version would sometimes feel too fiddly when it had to constantly be moved all across the table. They now also contain some information about the movement of each unit type, just in case!

We’ve also decided to update the look of the town board, and make it much cleaner:

One look at the town board is enough to tell you that it’s multilayered, but what about the hero cards? Well, we’ve decided to change the design and they now have space for the faction cubes you place when leveling up! This was a somewhat common request and should stop the cubes from being thrown into the shadow realm if someone accidentally hits the table.

Design Progress

Our talented artists are hard at work, creating both 2D and 3D assets for everyone to enjoy, you can find their work below!

That should be all for today, once again, if you have any questions then please reach out to us via contact@archon-studio.com, tune into tomorrow’s livestream, join our Discord or just write in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer as many questions as we can!

See you later, Adventurers!

– Szymon Ewertowski

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