Fanstratics – Update #30 – Reaper

Fanstratics Troop: Reaper.

Only the Necrotics enlist a Troop considered to be ‘death incarnate’. Draped in ethereal robes, this skeletal Reaper wields a two-handed scythe and seeks Enemy Troops to ‘harvest’. Able to diminish Enemy Troop Health with a cutting assault, the Reaper can also empower itself by ‘reaping’ the spirits of Enemy Troops upon their death. Its presence discourages enemy armies and creates misery among the living. Unironically, upon its own demise, the Reaper does not leave a corpse.

This one turned out to be mildly more challenging than anticipated. While the thumbnails were fine, when it came to the initial rough, the Reaper didn’t have enough ‘personality’. After a bit of back-and-forth with Justin, he tweaked a few things (head tilt, hand position, scythe position, etc.), and it all came together. It’s surprising how a few minor adjustments could have such a significant impact.

Fanstratics – Update #29 – Willow Wisp

HoMM3 Question: I have got to ask, Why has no one ever tried to remake The HOMM 3 with hires graphics and modern Computers in mind?

Well, Ubisoft did make an HD Edition, but I suspect you are asking for a ‘true remake’. A ‘true remake’ would involve recreating the game from top to bottom, much like Blizzard recently did with Diablo 2: Resurrected. Firstly, this would take a considerable amount of time and money. Secondly, what could the ‘remake’ possibly offer you couldn’t already get with the community version of HoMM3?

With Fanstratics, I know I can embrace the spirit of the original while delivering something new, different, and more. With a remake, Ubisoft is strictly limited to embracing the original. From a business perspective, if you are charging $40 a copy, it’s risky.

Fanstratics Question: What I didn’t quite like after many years in Heroes 3 the lack number of skills for me and also the lack number of really useful skills. In that way I think Heroes 7 is may be the best from the series.

While I know where you are coming from, for me, as FST’s game designer, this particular subject is a no-win situation. If I maintain the H3 system, people complain, “Not enough useful skills.” If I adopt the H5, H6, or H7 system, people complain, “Too complicated.”

In the end, I must remind people, I didn’t design H4, H5, H6, or H7. I designed H3, and I’m making a spiritual successor to H3. So, at this time, my intention is remain relatively close to home.

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