HDE Mod 1.22 (Heroes HD Edition)

Heroes 3 HD Edition mod adding many features and fixes. Unlike its predecessor h3mtool, it is integrated directly into the HD Edition launcher after installation and its options appear when starting the game normally.

HDE mod 1.22 (Git Hub)
All 113 AB/SoD maps pre-converted for HD Edition (Git Hub)


  •  HD Edition Random Map Generator integration (if you specify path to a H3 Complete installation, you can get integration of the RMG into HD Edition when you start new game)
  • HD Edition Object Re-visit (re-visit objects with space bar like in AB/SoD)
  • HD Edition Quick Combat Re-play (press Escape at Quick Combat battle result screen to re-play that battle without Quick Combat)
  • HD Edition No Sound Delay (removes delay when e.g entering battles)
  • HD Edition Extra Hotkeys (for swapping/moving all artifacts/creatures in hero trade screen)
  • HD Edition 60 FPS (increases framerate to 60 FPS)
  • HD Edition System Cursor fix (completely replace game’s cursor rendering with lag-free system cursor. Ubisoft integrated this fix in Patch 3)
  • HD Edition XXL Maps fix. Ability to play non-standard sized maps, e.g XXL 252×252



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