Demiurges – support Berih and his first game as a solo indie dev

Hey, Demiurges is my first game as a solo indie dev. I working on that game for almost 4 years and I’m almost ready to release it as early access. To make my game better I decide to focus on steam deck support. It’s perfect to play in bed. I hope that you will like it. – Berih, author.

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Demiurges is a game about fighting epic turn-based battles, developing new interesting strategies, and discovering a rich world. The player’s task is to survive the doom. To do this, he has to break through the randomly generated world and defeat powerful bosses that guard its subsequent stages. To do this, the player summons demiurges – powerful characters that can wield magic and use ancient artifacts.

They will lead armies through a dangerous world where they will develop their skills, recruit new units and face various dangers. Every faction chosen by the player has a different capital city that will be expanded during the game. It will allow you to obtain resources, recruit units, and do a number of other activities.

The unique feature of the game is the card system. At the beginning of the game, the player creates a deck from the unlocked cards, which defines his strategy and playstyle. Since the cards allow you to build new structures, learn spells, summon units, upgrade demiurges, and many more, it has a heavy impact on the game. In addition, during each game, the player gains a currency for which he can buy boosters. Thanks to this, he can get new cards that will allow him to create more advanced tactics.

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