Fanstratics – Update #29 – Willow Wisp

Fanstratics Troop: Willow Wisp.

Arguably, the most enigmatic of the Thornwood army are the Willow Wisps. Ghostly and somewhat abstract, these small spirits of the forest appear to be adorable and relatively harmless, yet when compelled to combat, they transform into large, tumultuous, terrifying phantoms.

While a Willow Wisp’s ghostly form makes it immune to many ‘status effects’, its uniqueness is derived from its ability to Devour Energy from its enemies. In doing this, Willow Wisps can prevent or delay enemy Rally Assaults, while nurturing their own. This makes them an unusual ‘lockdown threat’, unlike most on the Battlefield.

When I fed the Wisp description to Justin, I asked for a specific composition to showcase the dual nature of the Troop. He hadn’t done something like this before, but he clearly nailed it. I also have a new favorite.

Fanstratics – Update #27 – Faith Archer

Fanstratics Question: Will the units have new characteristics so that they have other options for dealing damage? For example, the mind or the amount of the soul.

Not really. There will be a new Energy attribute to trigger a Troop’s Rally ability, but nothing in terms of alternative forms of damage.

Fanstratics Question: Will there be objects in FST like crypts or dragon utopias where the hero’s army is surrounded? If so, do you plan to make a location for each such object, as if the battle takes place indoors?

There will be specific locations for ‘interior’ battles. However, a Hero’s Army will not be surrounded, as I have something else in mind.

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