Heroes 5.5: Frax update v2.5 (for Heroes 5.5 RC16c)

This Frax update brings back missions, simplifies ultimates and improves the stability of the mod. It also makes it compatible with the latest Heroes 5.5 RC16 version.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)


  1. Install Heroes 5.5 RC16
  2. Download Frax file and follow the readme

You can switch to original MMH5.5 at any time, simply by renaming Frax.pak to Frax.zip! This release includes the Great Duelist Pack.

Frax keeps the best bits of H55, but fundamentally increases your gameplay options:

  • Heroes can learn game-changing 18+ Ultimates (Vampirism, Magma Shield, Double Attack ..).
  • Creatures have new abilities. Upgrades differ significantly.
  • Spellcasters regenerate mana and cast powerful spells (Mass Slow / Haste, Phantom Forces ..).
  • Heroes have access to 3 new skills and 10+ new perks (+2 Initiative, +20% Health ..).
  • Witches & Shamans have unique specializations (like other heroes).
  • Mixed race armies are encouraged.
  • Governor mechanics are extended.
  • Shatter Magic is combined into a single skill.
  • Destruction Magic has powerful (de)buff effects.
  • Shamans have Rage Blood. Rangers have Avenger. All inferno heroes have Gating.
  • And more …

Additional goals include:

  • Have a balanced PvP similar to MMH55.
  • Be compatible with the latest MMH55 release.

Extremely simple activation and deactivation:

  • The whole mod size is around 150 MB.
  • It does not require separate ToTe installation.
  • You can play original MMH55 at any time (after deactivating Frax).
  • Requirements: Installed MMH55.
  • Activate: Extract Frax files into your ToTe/data directory.
  • Deactivate: Rename Frax.pak to Frax.zip.

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  1. Kionatria

    While the mod itself works and normal skills work, the ultimate skills are unavailable. E.g.: I have a Gatekeeper and I want to have the Frax Ultimate. My hero has several skills already fully filled, but I still can’t select the Frax ulti, regardless of the map. Is there something I have to activate to have an ulti available, no matter which one I want? Or do I need a Memory Mentor to respec my skills to have them? Or is it something completely different that I’m missing?


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