Fanstratics – Update #27 – Faith Archer

Fanstratics Troop: Faith Archer.

Upon initial inspection, Faith Archers appear to be rather typical, until they tie on their blindfolds and raise their runic long bows. Given special regard amongst the Allegiant, the faith infused arcane arrows of these battlefield specialists, have a chance to execute Demonic or Undead Enemy Troops… from range. It is rare to see low-level Troops strike fear into top-level Troops, but if Faith Archers are present in your Army, every Necrotic or Infernal Enemy Troop is vulnerable.

Visually and mechanically, it isn’t easy finding ways to distinguish the various ranged troops, so the Faith Archer was something of an experiment. At first, the Nun elements were too prominent, but after a quick adjustment, we had something. Another favorite.

Fanstratics – Update #26 – Basilisk and NO sci-fi elements

What I wanted to ask you – will you add gods to your game, mention them, or even gods in the form of bosses? I would really like to see gods in your game, in the form of bosses or at least text mentions from time to time, statues that give some kind of bonuses. I haven’t fully figured out how your game will play out, but I would also like to see some kind of villain like Hexis from Heroes 4 who wants to destroy the world and has an army of unique units that cannot be hired just like that.

This is a difficult question for me to answer for one very simple reason. I have hashed out loose storylines for two different campaigns. In each campaign, there is a fair amount of mystery involving the respective protagonists and the nature of the Fanstratics world. If I were to answer your question, I would effectively reveal each story’s ending.

Think of it this way. Imagine a fan who hasn’t played Might and Magic asking Jon Van Caneghem, “Are there any ‘gods’ in your game?” Jon replies, “No. When you get to the end, you find out it’s all science fiction involving spaceships, super computers, and a malfunctioning android. There’s really no magic or mythology at all.” Such a public response would effectively kill the ‘twist’ ending.

At this stage, I don’t want to publish any deep lore or story details, so I must respectfully decline to answer your question. I hope you understand.

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