ERA 2.8.8 download

Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 99 MB
Version 2.8.8
Update 20. 08. 2019
Download (v2.8.8)
How to install ERA 2

New release. Can be installed over 2.8.6+.

Version 2.8.8
[+] Added command for changing monster names/specialty text as !!UN:G1 zvar-free replacement.
SN:H^monname^/monster ID/(0 – singular, 1 – plural, 2 – description)/text.
Note: get syntax works with all SN:H commands, allowing to obtain actual hint/text.

!!SN:H^monname^/0/0/^Bug^; rename pikeman to Bug
!!SN:H^monname^/0/1/^Bugs^; pikemen to Bugs
!!SN:H^monname^/0/2/^Screws the game process^; change pikeman special abilities description
!!SN:H^monname^/13/2/?z2; get archangel special abilities text
!!IF:M^Don’t hire bugs. Better higher archangel. Pros: %Z2^; display archangel advertisement

[+] Added plugin event ‘OnAfterStructRelocations’, occured after ‘OnAfterWoG‘. All game/WoG/Era structure relocations
must be performed before it with calling corresponding RedirectMemoryBlock (OldAddr: pointer; BlockSize: integer; NewAddr: pointer)
function. At ‘OnAfterStructRelocations’ event final addresses of game structures must be obtained via GetRealAddr.
UN:C command always uses GetRealAddr and is thus safe to use default WoG/SoD addresses.

Era uses GetRealAddr to get hero specialties, secondary skills, monster names and descriptions from now and
will support more relocated structures in the future.

[-] Fixed MR:N bug: if dead stacks were present in position of alive stack, dead stack number could be returned.
[-] Fixed Era bug with invalid address of secondary skills descriptions table, leading to wrong SN:H behavior. Credits: gamemaster.


  1. Rafał

    How can I download ERA 2.88? There’s only a mirror from google drive but it blocks downloading with message ‘this file is infected with virus’

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Rafał, try direct download: ERA 2.8.8.

      1. Stein

        failed – virus detected by windows. I don’t trust windows so much, i think it might be a virus.

        1. Liso1 (Post author)

          Hi Stein, please note – ERA mods are written in ASM, which is great for debugging, thus favored by hackers. that AV software doesn’t like for obvious reasons. False positives may occur, especially if you use free antivirus (which is always nothing but promotion of its paid version) such as Avast and AVG. You have been warned.


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