Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC12 released!

A new release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will include large RMG update.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5

Note to latecomers: The infamous flickering cursor issue was fixed since RC11. This update primarily contains a big update to the Advanced RMG. This article only deals with the balance changes. Thanks to reverse engineering efforts from Marco and dredknight Mass spells are now much better balanced, making it much harder for might heroes to keep reverting mass spells.

Spells & Skills

  • Mass Spells cost 4x the mana of the single target spell instead of 2x, except Mass Cleansing remains at 2x
  • Expert frenzy will only last 1 turn
  • Fixed flame wielder spec not working for empowered fireball
  • Suffering & Righteous Might cost reduced to 8
  • Confusion, Deflect missile cost reduced to 7
  • As a result of this various spellcaster creatures have changed mana counts
  • Shouting values are 11,22,33%, just text was wrong.
  • fix text for banshee howl and prayer
  • Mind reaver spec boosts knowledge by 1 for every 7 levels.
  • Chosen of chaos spec boosts luck by 2 at level 20.
  • Meave no longer boosts haste spell, instead gets faster turns


  • Stalker/Mistress Invisibility lasts 2 instead of 3 turns
  • Call Storm DMG lowered to 10 per turn per creature instead of 20, but max shooter penalty reduction increased to -40%
  • untamed cyclops +1 Speed -2A -1D (make less risky investment)
  • bloodeyed cyclops +2D +1A +10HP -1Speed
  • sharpshooter +2Hp -1ini (fix first turn OP, now the others are the fast ones since they do less dmg on first shot)
  • master hunter +1ini -1max dmg
  • vindicator 3-4 dmg (dark magic resistance)
  • fix lizard bite txt
  • hunters +10 cost
  • mountain guards, defensive stance boosts defense by +5 instead of +10
  • Ingvar spec gives +1Hp per 10 levels, not 5
  • fortress t1 -5 cost
  • gremlins cost -5 cost


  • Added new user option to force which ultimate artifact is rewarded for obelisk and shantiri disc quests on RMG maps

RMG (not mentioned in previous article)

  • Fixed issue with too many minor artifacts in treasure zones with some templates, issue existed in RC10-11 but not old versions.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is an unofficial expansion pack for Tribes of the East or HOMM5 Complete and a spiritual successor to the popular WOG modification for HOMM3. The pack will include many new adventure objects, new larger battlefields, new heroes, new classes, new specializations, new skills, new artifacts, new adventure spells, new HD textures and a greatly improved RMG with more than 60 ‘visualized’ Templates. The AI is much more intelligent and calculated much faster. Balance is also greatly improved both for small competitive multiplayer maps as well as crazy XXXL maps with countless epic battles vs Neutrals and AI.

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