Disciples: Liberation – GOG Edition (incl. Deluxe Edition & DLC) is out TODAY!

Disciples: Liberation is a mature, dark fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based combat. Liberate the land of Nevendaar and uncover the endless stories hidden within this richly detailed world where every decision has a consequence, and every wrong move could be deadly.

Release date October 21th 2021
GOG edition
September 14th 2022
Platforms GOG
Goodies incl. Deluxe Edition & DLC

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Within the GOG Edition, you will find two unique sets of armor, two new weapons, an Emotion Shard for Avyanna, wallpapers, a digital compendium, the Soundtrack and two Packs. Both Packs can be used once per new game session. It also includes the DLC “Paths to Madness” with eight new stories, four strong allies and powerful enemies, four new dungeons and four lost and legendary relics.

Explore a rich overworld and align with a variety of in-world factions: from a human empire tinged by religious extremism to the dark forces of the undead lead by a mad queen. Assemble a team to gather precious resources, sway political standing, and take on brutal beasts in intricate turn-based battles.

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