fheroes2 update v0.9.19 added difficulty level for campaigns, battle auto-finish (press Q)

In this v0.9.19 release fheroes2 team put extra effort to polish some cases of rendering on Adventure Map. Besides this we fixed few issues with Mini-map and also View Towns spell show properly rendered castles.

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How to install fheroes2 with campaign animations (youtube)

The release brings a new feature to make the game even more attractive for everyone: an option to auto-finish the battle by instantly bringing results of it from where the player left. This is very useful for battles when the outcome is obvious and you just want to skip a boring part of it. Default hotkey for this is Q.

Tap Q to instantly finish the battle.

Tap Q to instantly finish the battle.

Army exchange was improved to make the experience more pleasant. You can use arrows in hero meeting dialog to move whole army with a selected stack.

The team added difficulty level for campaigns. You can select between Easy, Normal or Hard. The difference between these modes is in AI behavior. If you feel that a campaign is too hard to complete, you can lower the difficulty and try again.

Fheroes 2 v0.9.19 changelog:

Release highlights:

  • Polish rendering of objects on Adventure Map
  • Introduce instant finishing of battles and enhanced army exchange mechanics
  • Improve AI to avoid endlessly wandering on one place, correct start resources for them and artifact evaluation
  • Add Campaign difficulty
  • Over 30 bugs are fixed since 0.9.18 release

Full changelog:

  • add popup dialogs for Well’s buttons
  • generate MIN button based on newly added font
  • fix constantly moving AI heroes when they have nothing to do
  • update Polish translation
  • implement some improvements when exchanging an army between heroes
  • show intro videos like in the original game
  • fix messages displayed for captains during battle
  • update Bulgarian translation
  • correct start resources for AI players
  • add a popup dialog for Days spent info within campaign dialog
  • make Artifact evaluation for AI more granular
  • add Difficulty selection for Campaigns
  • add popup dialogs for mage guild and scenario info windows
  • fix rendering of Mine Guardians
  • do not show monsters and campfires on Puzzle screen
  • fix moving AI hero rendering
  • implement instant finishing of battles
  • update Norwegian translation
  • fix incorrect rendering of some icons in The Price of Loyalty campaign windows
  • make “Show terrain penalty” option the default
  • fix double income from captured objects
  • fix the distribution of Mutant Zombies in the Graveyard
  • fix the battle order after bad morale events
  • always use the current color of a unit when toggling auto battle (take the Hypnotize spell into account)
  • speed up file search on case-insensitive file systems
  • optimize Mini-map rendering
  • do not show boats on puzzle image
  • fix a possible crash in UI window
  • fix castle rendering on Mini-map
  • fix Ultimate Artifact placement conditions
  • fix rendering of towns for View Towns spell
  • fix tall object rendering

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