WoG Graphics fix update 2.9.0

This amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones.

WoG Graphics fix
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher*

*If you use WoG Graphics fix mod with ERA 3 Launcher, it is necessary to disable “16 2-way teleports“, “Game Enhancements Mod” and “WoG Fix lite” via Mod Manager for the proper functioning.

WoG Graphics fix 2.9 changelog:

  • [+] Added reef arch for water
  • [+] Added a new crater for the dungeon
  • [+] Added a variation of the peasant dwelling without extra trees
  • [+] The background forest of the Faerie Dragon Dwellings has been reduced to a compact size
  • [+] Improvements in the graphics of the original grassy mountains
  • [+] Reworked graphics of object WoG #28
  • [+] Reworked graphics of object WoG #67
  • [+] Fixed graphics of object WoG №7
  • [+] Added additional green mushroom
  • [+] Artifacts Magic Wand, Golden Arrow and Monster Power got sparkling animation
  • [+] The golden arrow has been repainted in golden color
  • [+] Improved graphics of WoG artifacts on the map (Boots of Haste, Bow of seeking, Hardened Shield, Gate Key)
  • [+] The sprite of Valhalla fountain has been reduced to a compact size
  • [+] Improved image of mithril in dialogs
  • [+] The shadow was returned to the Swamp Sign
  • [+] Improved graphics of elemental emissaries on the map and portraits
  • [+] Improved graphics of Gorynych and Dracolich on the map
  • [+] Improved graphics of one of the seer’s huts
  • [+] Improved graphics for new spruce trees
  • [+] The brightness of the new garrisons has been reduced
  • [+] The shadow of one of the original mud mountains has been fixed
  • [+] The brightness of the new swamp mountains has been reduced
  • [+] The brightness of the tops of the new rocky mountains has been reduced
  • [+] Reworked the graphics of the new mud mound
  • [+] Decreased saturation of decorative pumpkins
  • [+] Other corrections in the graphics of new mod objects
  • [+] An improved sprite of the energy elemental from Hota has been added.

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