Thank you dear Heroes and Heroines for 10 years of support

Today, but 10 years ago I started the Heroes 3.5 WoG Portal as a simple site to collect information about the unofficial datadisk In the Wake of Gods (WoG) and later about Horn of the Abyss (HotA).

After some time, the project turned into an international portal that is visited by more than 40,000 Heroes fans per month. I want to thank you for your support, thanks to which it was possible to extend the hosting and domain of until 2030!

You can still support me in creating content and videos about Heroes 🙂
Donate via PayPal and get access to WoG_Folder and Heroes 3 postcard*
or buy GOG games via this link 🙂 (If you buy a game you don’t only get the full version game, you also support Heroes 3.5 WoG Portal. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Thank you and have fun! )

10th Anniversary Contest – Heroes 3.5 WoG Portal


  1. Allwynd

    Congratulations, really good website, here’s to 10 more!

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Thank you very much!

  2. El_Supremo

    I’ve found out about this website only about 2 years ago and I was so happy to find out that I’m not the only one who thinks HOMM3 is the greatest game ever. I couldn’t sleep for 3 days when I found out that mods exists like WOG and HOTA that I just had to have a PC to fully enjoy everything (was using a MAC back then). Thank you and all modders out there for keeping my favorite game alive.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      I totally agree with you, Heroes 3 is the best game! Thank you for your support. 2022 will be even more interesting!


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