Third Upgrade Mod v1.9.5 update (ERA 2.9.13)

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

Changelog v1.9.6

  • More creature sprites have been replaced by others more faithful to the original design.
  • The cost of upgraded level 8 creatures are now more affordable.
  • Cleaning has been done in the script “new upgrades.erm” deleting unnecessary events to reduce the probability of bug and crashes.
  • A separate Sharpshooters Elves id has been created, now the original Sharpshooters are neutral again.
  • New creatures 255 and 256 are already registered in the “Battle Extender” and “New Upgrades” scripts.

Changelog v1.9.5

  • The balance of the creatures was restored and now everything is more homogeneous.
  • Some Third Upgrades Creature sprites have been replaced to make them more faithful to the original.
  • Added “accumulate 8lv creatures” plugin to make level 8 dwellings cumulative.
  • A Third Upgrade for Gremlins was created to make Santa Gremlin a neutral unit again.
  • All new HoTA monoliths and portals have been added to the Third Upgrades mod.
  • Fixed the description when Rage of Antichrists is activated.

Changelog v1.7.0

  • No Friendly Fire Magic.erm script has been fixed, now no longer prevents casting of benefic spells. (By RerryR)
  • Fixed Vampires bug and Minotaurs King could cast fire wall.
  • Some monster abilities in Stack Experience have been reorganized to have a maximum of 7 due to a WOG limitation that they couldn’t have more than 8 abilities including Warlord’s Banner.
  • Price was balanced for some creatures that were conflicting in HD Launcher using the “Buy All” button.


  1. ryo


    1. Liso1 (Post author)


  2. George

    Hello the mod is very nice but i have a problem.When i save after that i cant load.The game crashes and i have to close her with ctrl/alt/del.I get a message MCrEdit.mop is missing but the file is there in EraPlugins. Soo i dont know whats the problem . The mods loaded are Third Upgrade Mod V1.9.6,Advanced Classes V1.0.4,10Skills,Secondary skill scrolling ,XXL maps ,Spells descrp.,In The Wake Of The Gods ,Unleashed Editor ,WoG Scripts and ErA scripts.

  3. George

    I checked it now the exact thing it says is”Typhon: file EraPlugins/MCrEdit/MonstersSetup.mop is not found

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi George, I did not encounter a similar problem, but a new version of Third Upgrade mod is available.

      Try install ERA Gaming build + Third Upgrades mod (first without Advanced Classes)

    2. Perry

      Did you forget to enable the Third Upgrade Mod again?
      Anyway there is a new version, please delete folder before installing the new one.


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