HoMM 3.5: The Days Of Silence – Necropolis update

Guide about new units and graphic updates of Necropolis fraction units, also I made some new sfx sounds for 3d models and added a small fragment of main theme (menu soundtrack) that you can hear at the beggining of the video. Work on project still in progress and I will try to keep updated community with a new information about development soon. Sorry for “google” voice in the video.

Article by adamnavel (auhor). Finally, after more than a year of work on this project, I found free time, to do this thread and to show you something you might be interested in. I always loved good old Heroes 3, SoD, AB, WOG, and new one Horn of the Abyss. More than 10 years of work with Map Editor and endless love to this game. As a designer and music composer I was always desired to try myself in modding and at end of 2017 I started to work on my own mod called “The Days Of Silence“. More information about the modification The Days Of Silence.

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