Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build v1.30

This compilation v1.30 contains the latest version of ERA v2.9.13HD mod 5.0 RC89, ERA Scrips v1.44f and Unleashed Map Editor in one installation package!

ERA Gaming build v1.30 
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
How to install ERA Gamin build

Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build 1.30 changelog from 04/16/2020

  • [+] ERA platform updated to version 2.9.13 – thanks to Berserker
  • [+] updated HD mod to version 5.0 RC89 (important for the graphic filter – there is a chance that the assembly will return to hd version 4.208) – thanks to Baratorch, Verok:
  • [+] The beautiful Era Scripts mod has been updated to version 1.44f – thanks to Algor, Drake
  • [+] updated wog native dialogs plugin (now mana is not wasted in a quick battle on “q”. The attack type selection window is shifted closer to the selection button) – thanks to igrik
  • [+] added Unleashed Map Editor as Mod.  Greatly enhanced map editor with many new functions – thanks to RoseKavalier
  • [+] badluck.era plugin has been added
  • [+] plugin accumulate_8lv_creatures.bin has been added – now creatures of the 8th level are accumulating in their dwellings (with the option on) – Thanks to majaczek
  • [+] Added plugin accumulate_santagremlins_creatures.bin – now Santa gremlins do not accumulate in their homes (with the option disabled) – Thanks to majaczek
  • [+] Added plugin battle attack type selection fix.bin – something fixes with choice of attack type – Thanks to majaczek
  • [+] wog_hd_battle_buttons.bin plugin added (only for hd mod) – now the buttons on the battlefield screen are not shifted by (-1; -1)
  • [+] Added script that sets the correct moral / luck change (+ 2 / -2) from the presence of level 8 creatures in the army – Thanks to PerryR
  • [+] Now in the multiplayer game auto-battle is disabled when a person attacks a person
  • [+] New feature! Removing an inactive hero with the combination of Shift + Alt + LMB on it.
  • [+] Disabled using of spells in autobattle, replay of the battle returns this opportunity
  • [+] New melody in the main menu
  • [-] The script “Spellbook” no longer gives the spell “Titan’s Thunder” – thanks to igrik
  • [-] The script “Selecting a battle type mode” is temporarily disabled (I think I won’t turn it on anymore – I’ll just cut it out as a result: P)
  • [-] The script “Viewing the hero’s window in battle” no longer works in multiplayer battle (caused desynchronization)
  • [#] A huge number of corrections in the Wog Scripts mod (the reasons for many game crashes have been fixed) – thanks to igrik
  • [#] network code fix – thanks to Gusik, Berserker
  • [#] Fixed unnecessary display of the commander button with the option turned off (including with the 10SSkills mod)
  • [+] updated commands for convenient commenting on lines in Sublime Editor – now:
    • [“alt + s”] – make a “jump” and place “//”; – thanks to Algor
    • [“alt + f”] – make a “jump” and wrap the comment with brackets “[]” (you can select several lines – a miracle!) – thanks to Zur13
    • [“alt + d”] – make a bigger jump and wrap the comment with brackets “[]” (you can select several lines – the first miracle!) – thanks to Zur13
    • [“alt + v”] – from the selected part of the script with the mouse, it calculates all variables and places it in the comment zone – the 2nd miracle! – thanks to Zur13
    • [“alt + c”] – on / off the piece of script selected with the mouse (changes !?/!!/!# to *?/*!/*# and back) 3rd miracle! – thanks to Zur13


  1. itsmegogz

    Quick question, I’ve experienced lots of crashes related to having 1000+ troops on stack, is there a fix or solution to the issue? Thanks in advance.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hey itsmegogz,

      i’ll look at it tonight. Which scripts are active?

      1. itsmegogz
        1. Liso1 (Post author)

          Hi, please send me picture of your Mod Manager and try disable the script Map Rules/Monster stacks in hero army grows 4% each day

          1. itsmegogz

            Hello again, I did try it, but same issue occurs sadly.

  2. itsmegogz

    I’ll try and see how it works, thank you!

    Here’s the mod manager : https://imgur.com/a/fjwA0zC

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, there will probably be an error in Third Upgrades mod. Try to install the latest version 1.7 https://heroes3wog.net/new-typhon-upgrades-mod-download/ or disable it.

      1. itsmegogz

        Thank you, much obliged! 🙂

      2. itsmegogz

        Sadly, it was the mod third upgrades that made the issue, even with the update the crashes are consistent.

        1. Perry

          Delete complete v1.6.6. and install newest 1.7
          some crashes have been fixed.

  3. ashevn

    the wog scrip – castle upgrading
    the increase troop per week still work but the gold income increase from upgrade town hall not working

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Ashevn,
      it works for me without any problems. See my settings: https://imgur.com/a/UiZeyMg

      You can only upgrade City Hall and Capitol. You must click on the City Hall icon to improve, not Castle icon.

      1. ashevn

        Thx for answer
        i know to to play with this scrip. And it work normal for me in 1.29
        i have to re-apply 1.30 to clean h3c to make it work

  4. FreEz3

    Could someone please tell me why the Quick Combat option is not functional? I’ve enabled it in the Wogify Options, but when I click to fight a group of monsters, it doesn’t ask me if I would like to use Quick Combat, instead the manual fight starts right away.

  5. GWJ89

    I’m reporting the bug:
    Magic Mushroom (all of them) give PERMANENT [element] Magic level Expert, not to the end of the week.

    Also, the Emerald Tower is working just once per game, not once per week.

  6. Perry

    thanks, the Magic Mushroom is fixed in the newest WoG Scripts mod. Igrik maintains a git repository with always newest version.
    Not sure about the Emerald Tower, I guess it should be this way.


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