Sphinx – Blessings and Curses

From time to time, lost wanderers have come across these mysterious constructions, fashioned in a similar style to the pyramids. They have been found at the slopes of mountains, in deserts, and even on plains.

Seeking shelter from the cold or the heat, exhausted by famine and thirst, tired from long days on the road, these travelers tried to take refuge in these unusual constructions and, perhaps, find something that would allow them to continue their journey. Having come back home, they related to everyone about the unusual creation that met them with riddles at its entrance.

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The Sphinx shows you a randomly chosen riddle and asks you to answer it i.e. to type what you believe is the correct answer into a text-input field. The answer can consist only of one word (or a single letter), without additional punctuation marks or blanks. The case of the entered word is not important.

After typing the text click the OK button. The sphinx will check your answer, and depending on whether or not it’s correct, either reward your hero, or punish him. In either case you can see result in the section of blessings and curses on the hero screen. If you click on this icon, you will either see a brief message that the given Hero has no blessings or curses, or you will see a window with the icons displaying the current set of blessings and curses for this hero. In the latter case, each icon designates one blessing or curse.

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