Neutral Creatures – Tides of War (VCMI)

Forth and last neutral creature available in ToW expansion are Demiliches. They are scary, undead 6 level creatures, they can fly and they have powerfull ability od Destruction – they have 10% chance to kill 50% units of attacked stack! Fortunatelly, they can’t be hired anywhere and they can’t be spotted on the map.

You can get some only in one way – you must get one variant (of five) Phylacteries. Phylactery artifact can summon at the beginning of every battle some Demiliches to fight at your side (amount depends of hero spellpower). Phylacteries can’t be found on the map either. To get one, you must defeat huge stack of Power Liches in Outpost of Souls bank (very rare).

Ghosts of Enroth are back! As third neutral creatures in Tides of War. Of course, they are undead! They can fly and they have powerfull ability – Soul Steal. You’re right, ghost stack grow by gain one new creature for each enemy unit killed. They also don’t have their own dwelling (like Dread Skippers), you can hire some after defeating ghosts in Bone Pillar bank. Besides, in Mage Guilds in Necropolis, Dungeon and Inferno, there’s a chance to learn new 5th level spell Summon Ghost, which work similar to Summon Elemental spell.

One of four new neutral creatures introduced in Tides of War expansion are Dread Skippers. These undead creatures have 20% chance to cast Sorrow arfer attack! They don’t have their own dwelling, you can get some as reward after beating them in Phantom Ship banks!

Second neutral creature in Tides of War are Mermaids. You may know them from our previous small patch. Having Mermaids in your army you can travel safely through whirpools without loosing troops! They can be hired in Coral Reef dwelling.

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