New Creatures – Tides of War (VCMI)

In Dungeon instead of building Labirynth you can build Primeaval Maw and hire Illithids and Alhoons in it. Illithid can cast three times per battle spell Hypnotize (spellpower 8) and Alhoons can cast five times per battle spell Hypnotize (spellpower 16). Spell duration lasts 3 turns. (this numbers will be probably nerfed in next patch).

In Castle instead of building Portal of Glory you can build Cathedral and hire Templars and Paladins in it. Templar can cast once per battle Destroy Undead spell (power=3). Paladin can cast twice per battle Destroy Undead spell (power=5). Additionally Paladins cast Mass Prayer at the beginning of every battle!
In Fortress instead of building Gorgon Lair you can build Swamp Hut and hire Troll Hags and Troll Witches in it. These green sweeties are shooters and can regenerate 15 HP per round. Troll Witches are deadlier because they have no melee penalty and they cast Slow after attack (Slow lasts 3 rounds).

In Tower instead of building Cloud Temple you can build Dragon Factory and hire Drake Golems and Dragon Golems in it. These Golems and non-living of course. Drake Golems have 40% magic resistance. Their upgraded form, Dragon Golems, have 80% magic resistance and they have First Strike ability. It means when they are attacked for first time in turn, Dragon Golems strike first their counter attack!In Inferno instead of building Demon Gate you can Lust Chambers and hire Succubi and Lilims in them. Succubi can fly, they can shoot (check shooting animation!) and they have no melee penalty. Additionally, Lilims have ability Ranged Retaliation and they can also block such ranged retals (similar to HoMM 5 ability).

In Stronghold instead of building Cyclops Cave you can build Ziggurat and hire Couatls in it. Couatls and Quetzalcouatls can fly but additional Quetzalcouatls have immunity to Stone Gaze, Poison, Bind, Disease, Paralyze, Age, Death Cloud, Thunderbird’s Thunderbolt, Dispel, Death Stare and Acid Breath.

In Conflux instead of building Altar of Water you can build Drowned Hall and hire Tritons in it. Tritons and Abyssal Tritons have water spells immunity, but only for damaging spells. Beneficial spells still can be casted like Cure or Mirth! Additionally, Abyssal Tritons can cast one per battle the trawl (spell). Trawl binds attacked stack (speed 0) for three rounds!

In Rampart instead of building Enchanced Spring you can build Treehouse and hire Dryads in it. Dryads and Oak Dryads can fly and they can reduce enemy attack by 20% while they are stoned and blinded. Additionally they are with symbiosis with Dendroids. Whai it means? Once per battle they cast Ressurection spell on Dendroids (and only on them!). Dryads can ressurect Dendroids only to the end of the battle, Oak Dryads ressurecion’s effect is pernament!

In Necropolis instead of building Estate you can build Wolf Cave and hire Werewolves in it. Non updraded Werowolf is, of course, undead, bu also can reduce damage by 20%. But Dire Werewolf is enchanted with pernament Rage spell! Rage increases attack and defese by 2 with every turn. So, the longer Werewolf stays in the battlefield, the deadlier he is!

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The Tides of War
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