Interference secondary skill (HotA 1.6.0)

A new skill, Interference (reduces the Spellpower of the enemy hero by 10/20/30% in combat), along with its corresponding artifacts Charm of Eclipse (10%), Seal of Sunset (10%) and Plate of Dying Light (25%), have been introduced; for all heroes except Thorgrim, the starting Resistance skill is replaced by Interference.

A new hero, Giselle the Ranger, has been introduced with a specialization in Interference.

Heroes with Basic Interference as a starting skill:

  • Ajit the Overlord
  • Bron the Beastmaster
  • Clancy the Ranger
  • Fafner the Alchemist
  • Ignatius the Demoniac
  • Krellion the Barbarian
  • Saurug the Battle Mage
  • Straker the Death Knight
  • Ufretin the Ranger
  • Zilare the Navigator

Heroes with an Interference specialty:

  • Giselle the Ranger
Charm of Eclipse

Charm of Eclipse

Interference Seal of Sunset

Seal of Sunset

Plate of Dying Light Interference

Plate of Dying Light

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