How to play Heroes 3 Wake of Gods online with friend/s using HD mod

With the new version of the HD mod 5.2 RC14, we can finally play Wake of Gods (ERA) easily online, using HD mod Online Lobby (without using Hamachi or Gameranger).

Wake of Gods Online Multiplayer – What we need:

  • 1 or more friends 🙂
  • you all need to have the same version of the game installed, I recommend (and tested) latest ERA Gaming build
  1. Install ERA Gaming build
  2. Run game via HD mod and click New Game – Multi-Player – ONLINE-LOBBY. The first time you run it, you will need to create an account, it is fast and just enter your email address and password. So click on CREATE ACCOUNT to fill in the data and the LOGIN.
  3. Welcome to the online world of Wake of Gods
  4. To start your first online game, click “NEW GAME“. In a new window, type the name of the game, password and select the number of players, then confirm.
  5. Now your friend must join the game. He must also create an account and then find your game in the lobby and then click JOIN. If your friend’s name appears, you can also setup WoG Options, Towns, Heroes, Map Size… and then finally click “BEGIN“.

* Enabling DirectPlay on Windows 10:

For the game to work correctly on Windows 8, 8.1, 10, you need to enable the DirectPlay programming interface.

To do this, open Control Panel- Uninstall Programs- Turn Windows Features On or Off- and in the new Windows Components window, find the Legacy Components or Legacy Components folder in the list.
Expanding it you will find DirectPlay. Check the DirectPlay checkbox and click OK to activate and begin installing the legacy library components.
Reboot your PC.

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