Advanced Classes Mod v1.055 update (ERA 3)

The recent advancement in the ERA version made it necessary to update some files that are delivered with Advanced Classes Mod. Consider this more as an intermediate version. There are not many new things, just some polishment, and little balance changes.

This version requires the newest ERA version 3.2  (or use ERA Gaming Build) and the ERA ERM framework mod, but to compensate you no longer need the WoG scripts mod. That will allow you to play a very close to the vanilla Heroes 3 game, just with all ACM changes. As always, delete the old version before installing the new.

Advanced Classes mod
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Installation Tutorial:

  • This mod requires the latest ERA 3.2 version.
  • Download the ERA Gaming Build
  • Go to the HD Launcher and make the following settings:
    For resolution, I recommend 1180×664 or 1280×720
    and any filter.

    Thanks to the ERA team and the creator of HD mod the HD mod can now be used in the newest version and you can choose any graphic mode. I recommend the: (stretchable) 32-bit OpenGL by Verok. Colors should now work regardless of the selected bit size.

Advanced Classes Mod v1.055 changelog

– New Nobility screen that shows the exact amount of new recruits. Big thanks to Alf
– Spell Trainer: Changed the chance to level up spells for all classes. To see the current chance right-click spellbook**
– Improved Luck strike animation in combat thanks to XEricSin (it is now closer to the original)
– Priest of the Light/Dark Set increased full set bonus
– Town demolishing/rebuilding works again
– Now ACM works without WoG Scripts YEAH 😉
– Restoring Movement for M/GM Adv now only works in 50% of all cases, bonus was to strong
– Spell Trainer: In Quick Combat the chance to level up a spell is only 50% to encourage the player to use his spells and not get the level-ups for free
– updated Difficulty Mod to version 1.03
– Economy Specialists now show generated resource amount when clicked in icon
– Some spell buff specialists received a free cast at level 20 and 40 to bring them on par with other heroes
– little nerf for First Aid heal during and after combat from 10 to 8 per hero level. Heal Capacity down from 3% to 2% total army health
– little nerf for Diplomacy, reduced the number of monsters that want to join
– little nerf for Learning and Learning Specialists reduced the chance to gain stat points
– little nerf for First Aid Specialists, additional heal now at level 20 instead of level 10

– Nagash spec icon changed for ERA 3 (thanks to Archer)
– removed PSKIL42.def (thanks to Archer)
– replaced attack icon (thanks to Archer)
– updated UN44.def (thanks to Archer)
– fix WM immune to all spells now, including Armageddon
– fix Battlemage advanced skill name corrected to Hard Training (thanks to Solifugo)
– fix scouting even vs monsters now will always give you a reward (thanks to Archer)
– fix Random Hero.erm when playing with 8 players (thanks to Archer)
– fix ERM error during level up when playing with 28 skills
– added two empty .dll files to suppress unwanted plugins (non-theoretical AI Batlle and Overflow fix)
– some update in help files

Description: Advanced Classes Mod, a gameplay enhancing mod, that features revamped skill and spell systems, new artifacts and artifacts set, 2 dozens of new and reworked specialities, 6 new subclasses with uniquw abilities and more. The idea of this mod was to create 2 new skill ranks — Master and Grandmaster, which are gained right after Expert rank, as well as a completely new hero class — adventurer.


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