How to install VCMI 1.0 correctly with Tides of War mod

With the new major version of VCMI, the installation procedure has also changed a bit. In the video I will show you how to install the latest VCMI version 1.0 with the Tides of War and Forge town mods.

VCMI 1.0
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Step 1: Download and install VCMI

Step 2: Installing Heroes III data files

  • Copy “Data“, “Maps” and “Mp3” from Heroes III to: “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\vcmi\”

Create this folder if it doesnt exist yet

Step 3: (for release 1.0.0 and above) connect to the mod repository

  • If that’s your first installation, connection to the mod repository will be configured automatically, you’ll see mods available to install from VCMI launcher
    • We recommend you to install VCMI extras to support different screen resolutions and active various helpful UI tools

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  1. Gregory

    I followed all the above instruction it still I failed to instance a game Or better say although I installed the game I failed to launch it from some reason the game is refused to show up What can I do to fix it uh better say Why is the game don’t run smoothly


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