VCMI team is happy to announce the next major release of VCMI 1.0.0

Several years have passed since VCMI 0.99 and it’s about time for a new release. Tons of changes, improvements, and fixes have been introduced during that time, so it’s hard to recall all of them. However, we’d like to highlight several major changes.

VCMI 1.0
VCMI daily builds
How to install VCMI and mods tutorial (youtube)
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

VCMI Game engine

Lodestar grail (HotA mod) finally can reveal all the map! We were working hard to track down and fix crashes that severely affected VCMI gameplay. Now they are rare beasts but if you manage to find one do not hesitate to report it!
Adventure map

Hero exchange window has got a few additional buttons and keyboard shortcuts to ease army and artefact exchange. If you do not see them after installing the release make sure you have the latest VCMI extras mod installed.

Bastion Town - VCMI

Bastion Town – VCMI

Artificial intelligence

You are welcome to try an alternative AI algorithm called Nullkiller which shows itself well on small and medium sized maps. For larger maps you should better go with classic VCAI computer player which was also significantly improved. From the launcher settings you can always choose the AI you like and enjoy the most.

Modding and new terrains

VCMI was built for modding, but with this release we significantly enhanced the mod system. Among various gameplay tools we introduced support for adding new terrains. It is a natural evolution of new town support as they need to have unique terrains, battlefields, mines and map objects. This feature required deep refactoring of the game engine so unfortunately saves you made before release 1.00 will not be compatible. It’s a good reason to make new ones!

Random Maps Generator

RMG also has undergone huge changes. First of all, normal and island water options are supported now. Secondly, as mods can introduce new terrains and objects, RMG has got powerful algorithms to generate new terrain patches and to place new objects provided by mods. And finally, we improved the generator in terms of aesthetics, obstacles placement and stability as well.

The VCMI project is now actively maintained once again. There are several active contributors working on new amazing features. Not everything made it into this release so stay tuned for next announcements!

Grove Town - VCMI

Grove Town – VCMI

VCMI 0.99 -> 1.0.0 CHANGELOG


  • Spectator mode was implemented through command-line options
  • Some main menu settings get saved after returning to main menu – last selected map, save etc.
  • Restart scenario button should work correctly now
  • Skyship Grail works now immediately after capturing without battle
  • Lodestar Grail implemented
  • Fixed Gargoyles immunity
  • New bonuses:
  • SOUL_STEAL – “WoG ghost” ability, should work somewhat same as in H3
  • TRANSMUTATION – “WoG werewolf”-like ability
  • SUMMON_GUARDIANS – “WoG santa gremlin”-like ability + two-hex unit extension
  • CATAPULT_EXTRA_SHOTS – defines number of extra wall attacks for units that can do so
  • RANGED_RETALIATION – allows ranged counterattack
  • BLOCKS_RANGED_RETALIATION – disallow enemy ranged counterattack
  • SECONDARY_SKILL_VAL2 – set additional parameter for certain secondary skills
  • MANUAL_CONTROL – grant manual control over war machine
  • WIDE_BREATH – melee creature attacks affect many nearby hexes
  • FIRST_STRIKE – creature counterattacks before attack if possible
  • SYNERGY_TARGET – placeholder bonus for Mod Design Team (subject to removal in future)
  • SHOOTS_ALL_ADJACENT – makes creature shots affect all neighbouring hexes
  • BLOCK_MAGIC_BELOW – allows blocking spells below particular spell level. HotA cape artifact can be implemented with this
  • DESTRUCTION – creature ability for killing extra units after hit, configurable


  • Loading support. Save from single client could be used to load all clients.
  • Restart support. All clients will restart together on same server.
  • Hotseat mixed with network game. Multiple colors can be controlled by each client.


  • Implemented cumulative effects for spells


  • Improve support for WoG commander artifacts and skill descriptions
  • Added support for modding of original secondary skills and creation of new ones.
  • Map object sounds can now be configured via json
  • Added bonus updaters for hero specialties
  • Added allOf, anyOf and noneOf qualifiers for bonus limiters
  • Added bonus limiters: alignment, faction and terrain
  • Supported new terrains, new battlefields, custom water and rock terrains
  • Following special buildings becomes available in the fan towns:
  • attackVisitingBonus
  • defenceVisitingBonus
  • spellPowerVisitingBonus
  • knowledgeVisitingBonus
  • experienceVisitingBonus
  • lighthouse
  • treasury


  • Fixed many mising or wrong pickup and visit sounds for map objects
  • All map objects now have ambient sounds identical to OH3


  • Random map generator supports water modes (normal, islands)
  • Added config randomMap.json with settings for map generator
  • Added parameter for template allowedWaterContent
  • Extra resource packs appear nearby mines
  • Underground can be player starting place for factions allowed to be placed underground
  • Improved obstacles placement aesthetics
  • Rivers are generated on the random maps
  • RMG works more stable, various crashes have been fixed
  • Treasures requiring guards are guaranteed to be protected


  • Reworked goal decomposition engine, fixing many loopholes. AI will now pick correct goals faster.
  • AI will now use universal pathfinding globally
  • AI can use Summon Boat and Town Portal
  • AI can gather and save resources on purpose
  • AI will only buy army on demand instead of every turn
  • AI can distinguish the value of all map objects
  • General speed optimizations

Nullkiller AI:

  • New alternative AI for small and medium size maps.


  • Towers should block ranged retaliation
  • AI can bypass broken wall with moat instead of standing and waiting until gate is destroyed
  • Towers do not attack war machines automatically
  • Draw is possible now as battle outcome in case the battle ends with only summoned creatures (both sides loose)


  • Added buttons and keyboard shortcuts to quickly exchange army and artifacts between heroes
  • Fix: Captured town should not be duplicated on the UI


  • Implemented notifications about updates
  • Supported redirection links for downloading mods


  1. Veky

    WoW congrats to dev team 🎉

  2. Hanning

    Does Era3 work with VCMI?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      no, but you can download Wake of Gods as a mod to VCMI

  3. Allwynd

    I can’t get the installer to run.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      How is that? Does the system show you an error message?

  4. Jack

    Wow, amazing! Would this release 1.0 for Mac as well?

    I really want to play Hota on my m1, but it runs horribly. Nightly mac builds of vcmi work, but I can’t figure out how to install Hota there.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Try installing HotA via VCMI launcher as a mod Horn of the Abyss.

  5. Vladimir

    >> you should better go with classic VCAI computer player

    The auto-translation into Russian is funny: player = a device for playing music from vinyl or compact disks, not someone who plays the game.


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