Heroes 3 Launcher update v2.924 + BIG changelog

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP).

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# Game Enhancement Mod
+ Now combo parts of artifact’ sets show not equipped artifacts with yellow and displays number if hero has > 1 copy;
+ Added “gosolo” mode compatibility for combat selection type and combat action type;
+ Added png format level 8 and commander portraits in order to achieve max compatibility. This will break the compatibility with mods like TUM, and thus the author of the mod has been informed about the upcoming change. There is time for him to adapt before the update.
+ improved and updated randtrn.txt to make random map generation more fancy and stable – thanks to Grossmaster;
+ added 124 creature id to switch combat type ignore list;
+ now university shows extended dlg if it was visited once at least – works only if some hero is selected;
* Fixed text and behaviour of switch action type button;
* Fixed old SoD’s bug when AI tries to clone stacks when hero already has maximum troops in combat;
* Battle action switch: fixed changing action type of the all creatures with the Commander’s choice;
* Added fix that resolves game freeze at the maps which have size > XL (144×144)

# WoG Scripts
+ First Aid I: Now the message of resurrecting dead troops after battle will only be displayed to the winner (if human) – thanks to Archer30;
+ Eagle Eye I: Optimised the dialogue for learning a spell when there is only one spell to learn – thanks to Archer30;
+ Mysticism I: Fixed not regenerating % of max mana after getting more than 127 power – thanks to Archer30;
+ Enhanced War Machines: Catapult can shoot in non-siege when enemy nearby – thanks to Archer30;
+ Enhanced War Machine I – thanks to Archer30:
+ Rewrote the whole Catapult feature with method from WM II. The fireball of Catapult is now cast after attack. The damage of the Fireball is based on the hero’s Ballistics level.
+ Now you are able to upgrade multiple times of a War Machine in a town.
+ Catapult will appear in dwelling battles if the hero learns Ballistics.
+ Added upgrade limit up to 3 per town/day;
* Possibly fixed the issue the names of WM messing up.
+ Reworked Altar of Transformation: Now you would be asked to choose a creature (species) from your army to be transformed (previously the altar works for all the creatures of the hero). The transformed creatures would lose all their stack experiences. Fixed the AI strategy.
+ Living Scrolls now works only in battles vs Neutrals Creatures (as it was before) – thanks to Archer30;
+ Emerald Tower: Improved the script format a bit – thanks to Archer30;
+ Sorcery Skill Enhancement: now allows to set as visited universities and all creature banks – used non-used before 5-12 bits in obj control word, removed junk. fixed AI behabior;
* Enhanced War Machines I & II: Fixed being able to heal the enemy with First Aid Tents – thanks to Archer30;
* Enhanced War Machines I: Fixed Catapult’s Fireball also works for Enhanced War Machines II – thanks to Archer30;
* Random Heroes: Fixed possible to generate a random hero when there are 8 players in the game and cause bugs – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed an erm error when checking the info of Diamond Dragon (resulted by wrong condition check from Rampart Faerie Dragon option) – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed Castle Upgrading the rare resources not taken when building the Gold Reserve (when Mithril Enhancement option is disabled) – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed crash when centaurs try to shoot without shooting flag;
– Castle Upgrading: Disabled the resource bar update line (UN:R2) – thanks to Archer30;

# Era Scripts
+ a lot of files and code optimisation – thanks to Archer30;
* Advanced Artifact Merchant: Fixed a typo in the function of generating an artifact number – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed not able to reach the skill limit when Third Class and Warfare are both enabled (Change the way of counting skil from HE:S#1/?#2 to HE:S?#1) – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed all critical crashes caused by wrong hooks timing and damaging memory – thanks to Archer30;
* Limited Mines: Fixed blocking message with mines description;
– Removed unused Events (hooks), files – thanks to Archer30;

# Advanced Classes Mod
+ Added erm hooker plugin check before executing a hook – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed messing up variable name (%Vi -> %i) – thanks to Archer30;

# Advanced Difficulties Mod
+ Updated to the 1.039 version – thanks to PerryR;
+ increased AI hero amry starting size depending on selected neutral stack size and double stack size option. This should reduce the possibility that the AI is stuck in its staring zone
– AI will no longer fight commanders in creature banks
* small adjustments
+ Improved some details of the Hypnotize script for Illithids and Alhoons (Perry’s TUM Balance option) – thanks to Archer30;
+ Updated the quantity of troops added to AI’s army based on Neutral quantity difficulty as suggested by PerryR – thanks to Archer30;
+ Recreated the function for getting a random spell as the original one has redundant lines and resulted in issue when WoG Scripts is loaded – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed the way of fixing overflow – thanks to Archer30;

# Secondary Skills Scrolling
* Fixed possible to mess up the quantity of sec skill a hero can learn (HE:S value) by disabling get and restore HE:S values Before opening Hero Screen and after closing Hero Screen – thanks to Archer30;

# TrainerX
* Fixed not able to edit resources when entering the hero’s id or name – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed some details – thanks to Archer30;

# WoG Graphics Fix Lite
+ Organised the files so that they work well with GEM new creature sprites – thanks to Archer30;

# ERA ERM Framework
+ added function that allow to place any dialog centered at mouse click;

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