Heroes 3 ERA 2.9.10 + HD-mod 4.208 RC4 + ERA Scripts (outdated)

This compilation contains the latest version of ERA v2.9.10, HD mod 4.208 RC4 (do not update it!) and ERA Scrips v1.4 in one installation package!

For the installation it is required to have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete from GOG.COM installed on your computer. Do not use s*itty RIP versions from the internet! 

Download and run installation package, then select Heroes3 Complete folder. Do not install this build on already installed versions of WoG or HotA. Click “Install” button.

ERA 2.9.10 + HD-mod 4.208 RC4 + ERA Scripts 
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Press an Esc-button, a Space-button or an Enter-button for closing the game if the game window was freezed when you tried exit the game or set the HD mod as follows:.

HD mod settings

HD mod settings

1. Graphic differences:

  • tuned HD mod (version 4.208 RC4). /PLEASE, DO NOT UPDATE IT
  • made clickable button “Commander”
  • changed (as in SoD) lining in the city window
  • changed the sprites of half level 8 creatures
  • completely rewritten the script “new battlefields”: 4 for each land soil, 1 for the utopia of dragons, 1 for the bank
  • replaced the animation and sound of the explosion
  • reduced the text of the description of monsters in the dialog box of monsters. Their texts are also revised.
  • introduced a plugin for displaying moral and good luck values; in the stack window, as well as displaying the duration of spells on the stack during the battle
  • added display of the ERA version in the main menu
  • removed animated trees

2. Game changes / additions:

  • pre-installed mod ERA scripts ENG (v.1.40) with the necessary edits and changes
  • pre-installed and adapted mod Spells Description
  • cut out Yona mod
  • buggy scripts were cut: “passable terrain” and “split decision”
  • added (off state) mod 10SSkills
  • added (off state) XXL mod
  • added mod BattleHeroes with the ability to run through Era Start Menu
  • implemented plugin BattleAIvsAIFix to disable the theoretical battle of AI against AI (plugin by enabled by default)
  • added mod Battle Speed (enabled by default) changes the number of “speeds” in battle from 3 to 10
  • added a numerical display of the required movement points to a certain point on ALT + Right-clicking
  • made a show of the estimated number of possibly killed creatures in direct attack and shooting
  • an opportunity was made to enter the guild of magicians without a book and money from the guest hero
  • you can now run away from the neutrals even with the shackles of war on
  • made the ability to disable the free join of neutral monsters (optional)
  • an opportunity was made in battle to see the opponent’s hero on Right-Click on the hero’s defect
  • opening the window for exchanging heroes in the castle by pressing the “E” button (English)
  • automatic saving before the battle (optionally)
  • implemented protection of artifacts, scrolls and Pandora’s boxes from theft
  • an opportunity was made in one click to improve creatures in the castle if the corresponding improved buildings were built (F + L-click on the stack in the castle or on the portrait of the hero to improve all at once)
  • corrected Henchmen script (supports replay)
  • integrated replayable battle plugin (but it is disabled by default). Note from the author [igrik]: Without scripts, the plugin works fine. There may be unforeseen errors with scripts, etc. I am slowly setting up scripts for it, but it is too long, dreary and complicated, so the work is going on very, very quickly. Here we need reports, because I practically do not play

3. BugFixes and shortcomings of WoG (and SoD):

  • correction of the bug of raising only 1 skeleton with AI heroes with the skill “Necromancy”
  • correction of a tent bug when it is impossible to run away or do other actions on its course
  • correction of the bug of visiting banks in which they give creatures (crashes in the dialogue of joining monsters)
  • fixed one of the bugs of the Astral Spirit
  • a hint of descriptions of the witchcraft descriptions of commanders and other creatures numbering more than 135 was made
  • added calculation of AI_Value and Fight_Value commanders depending on their level and strength
  • correction of the commander block bug when the protection fell due to the “in defense” flag
  • removed the cancel button in the arena. Cancellation buttons made when visiting the Witch’s and Scientist’s Huts
  • fixed button in the dialogue of separation of squads and tavern
  • fixed the coordinates of the button of the Fairy Dragon. Also, that button now has native description hints (rather than Sawmill and Alchemist’s Lab)
  • centering the image by Right-Click in the city on the troop recruitment icon (previously went far to the left). Actual when playing with HD in high resolutions
  • fixed the ability to shoot shooting creatures and vehicles when there is no (second shot) or negative ammunition (the stack is skipped automatically in search of a monster (not to be confused with a missed move)). Cyclops and ballista now lose ammunition when attacking castle walls during a siege
  • made the correct display of the number of creatures in “arraytxt.txt”
  •  when restarting a “non-random” map, a bug was fixed in teleporting a minor hero to the main town (with the simultaneous loss of a random hero)
  • added a plugin to correct the desynchron of combat stacks in battle
  • correction of the SoD bug: with and without a tactical phase, the first round of a battle always has a counter = 1. Previously, without a tactical phase, the first round of a battle was = 0, and with a tactical phase it was = 1, which caused some bugs. For example: reinforcements were called through an EA receiver with and without tactics in different rounds.
  • creatures specialists now take into account and increase the parameters of the third grade. For example, the specialization of Kilgore (the Behemots) now affects the Ghost Monsters. But this feature only works if the second grade can improve in the third (for example, if the script is active with! #MA: U97 / 156118
  • fixed the script “Advanced heroes specializations”: now in the battle with RMBs in cells 04 and 12, the heroes specialization window is not called up. Multiple intersections of v425-v441 variables with other scripts fixed (replacement with v3924-v3941)
  • fixed the script “Sorcery II”: now the power of damagemagic increases by + 10%, + 20%, + 30% as stated. Previously, the script did not work in battle.
  • added a patch that disables prisons with heroes above level 1 on random maps

4. Music:

  • replaced the theme of the main menu
  • expanded the number of battle tracks from 4 to 9

Authors: igrik and daemon_n

All credits go to talented Heroes community.

Special thanks to Algor, Andarium, baratorch, Berserker, Bes, Darkloke, feanor, GrayFace, igrik, Jim Vogan, MoP, Morn, RoseKavalier, Sav, solitaire345, SyDr, Valery (Salamandre), WoG Team, ZVS.


  1. Ngon Com


    I am using HD Mod 5.0 RC75 (download from https://sites.google.com/site/heroes3hd/). Do I have to downgrade to using HD mod 4.208 RC4 or I can using current version?

    In the future do you develope “auto update” feature?

    Thank so much!

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, yes you need a HD mod 4.208 RC4 version, because the new versions are incompatible and lack the settings for WoG.

      I am not the author or creator of ERA, but auto-update option is certainly interesting.

  2. Atanas Apostolov

    Did I need to add Ultimate 6.1 after this installation?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Atanas, I’m afraid most of the older modifications won’t be compatible with ERA 2.9.4.

      Better not install them or try them one by one.

  3. Lego la

    Hello! Nice mod! Just asking, where is the Shadow of Death campaign? Is it suppose to dessapear?

  4. DuanVu

    Since installed ERA v2.9.3, I’ve got a lot of error when playing the game.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Duan,

      you may be using a modification that is not compatible with the latest ERA version. Try the ERA 2.9.4 + HD-mod 4.208 RC4 + ERA Scripts version from this page without any other modifications.

  5. Isabella

    Is it possible to buy HD version of HOMAM 3 on Steam and still use WOG?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, Isabell, unfortunately not, these are two completely different games. Heroes 3 HD edition froum UBIS Soft sucks 🙂


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