Factory Town – Horn of the Abyss update #7

New screenshots from Dr. Picolan. Armadillo  and Bellwether Armadillo battle screen with probably a level 7 unit (Dread) and level  2 or 4 unit (flamethrower). In January we will see version 1.6.1, which will fix bugs. HYPEEEEEE!

Horn of the Abyss v1.6.0

Possible Factory lineup. What do you think? There’s no flying unit yet… Maybe the “worm” will move underground.


  1. Kenny

    I can’t wait for this to release! It’s looking really cool. However, I feel like the giant sand-worm would make the most sense as a level 7 creature.

    A giant worm sounds more imposing than a rickety robot. But then perhaps that’s just me associating it too much with Dune.

    Level 7 unit is like steampunk version of Big Daddy from Bioshock

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Kenny, i also love Dune!

      I think the HotA team doesn’t want to make another level 7 worm unit, like Haspids from Cove.

      “Big Daddy” will be a reference to the cancelled Forge town.

  2. Syndor

    Nevite kdy by mohlo byt hotove to dalsi mesto?? Vypada to skvele…Tahle hra je prsote skvela…:-)

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Nazdar Syndor, bohužiaľ kedy bude hotové Factory nevie nikto. Modlíme sa aby to bolo do konca roka 2020. 🙂

  3. Strubulu

    impressive work !!! i can’t wait for this !
    why not some explosive stuff – some units who can explose themselves, not expensive , but they die on battlefield
    and we can trnsform orther units in Kamikaze, like transform in squelette , to re-use other inutile units

    Thanks a lot for your amazing work


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