fheroes2 project v0.9.2 update with RESTART battle button

Every month the game engine becomes better, faster and higher quality! You can have a chance to try 0.9.2 release where fheroes 2 team fixed a lot of issues and added something new to the game. On the way to 0.9.2 release fheroes2 team would like to share something from development progress. Last month team presented a very useful feature – “Instant battles“. We hope that you valued this option.

Moving forward team enhanced this feature by adding a new “RESTART” button which a player could press and replay the battle in manual mode when the battle’s outcome is not satisfactory. It looks simple but in reality it wasn’t: besides re-initializing a battle team had to add a totally new button in the UI dialog which was not obvious as the original sprite had drawn OKAY button on it. However, they found a solution to avoid these problems.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version (works only with this version)

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