fheroes2 project v0.9.1 with Quick Combat, View World, fast stack splitting functions!

Every month the game engine becomes better, faster and higher quality! You can have a chance to try 0.9.1 release where fheroes 2 team fixed a lot of issues and added something new to the game:

  • option of instant battle where you can finally skip boring and extremely easy battles saving your time was added
  • window resizing on SDL 2 was included in the release allowing users to choose any resolution and still play in a windowed mode
  • AI has become even more craftier and smarter! Be ready to face it on the map and during battles!
  • View World” feature was added which was demanded by many players. There are some polish actions required but you can fully use the feature without issues
  • the team completed implementation of fast unit splitting with mouse: now you can master a new way and immediately sort all your troops with just few clicks
Heroes 2 Gold GOG version (works only with this version)
fheroes 2 all-in-one demo (for quick testing/playing)

A partial continuation of campaign was also added into the release where you can test your skills in first few scenarios of the original campaigns. Please keep in mind that the project is still in active development so the full campaign support will be surely added upon 1.0 release.
In this month fheroes2 team fixed more than 50 bugs and rewrote a lot of source code to optimize the game and fix any potential issues. Support your favorite strategy game! Spread the word about this project to your friends, with whom you played many days together. The more people know about the project the faster the day comes when we all can dive into an immersive world of Heroes of Might and Magic 2!

Installation and Requirements – fHeroes 2

You are required to have at a demo or full version of Heroes of Might and Magic II game to be able to play it.

If you do not have the original Heroes of Might and Magic II game and you want to quickly try this amazing mod, download this demo (Windows only) with a Broken Aliance map. Unzip archive and run fheroes2.exe. Have fun!

If you have a legally purchased game, you need to copy all files which belong to fheroes2 into a folder with the original game.

Instant Battle has two features using spells or not, for mana retaining.

View World

Fast split buttons allow to redistribute troops in 2,3 etc. stacks. Even while splitting over the other stack of the same type.

v0.9.1 release highlights:

  • Add View World support
  • Add progressive Campaign support
  • Add touchpad support
  • Speed up drawings for World Map by 5% and reduce memory usage by 10%
  • Add Fast Battle option
  • Improve AI and battle logic
  • Add Window resizing on SDL 2
  • Over 50 bugs fixed since 0.9.0 release

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