Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build v1.36.044 update with New Interface mod

Heroes 3 ERA Gaming Build contains the latest version of ERA 3 (Wake of Gods)HD mod with Online LobbyERA Scrips, Unleashed Map Editor, Mixed Neutrals mod, XXL maps support, Game Enhancement mod, Tavern Videos, BattleQueue mod (for the mod to work, your game resolution must be at least 1076×630 pixels wide.) and more in one installation package!

ERA Gaming build
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
How to install ERA Gaming build

In version 1.36.044, the New Interface mod is disabled by default.

ERA Gaming build v1.36.044 changelog:

* Now neutral monsters will join the hero if the hero has the “Diplomacy” skill.
* Changes in Panda Upgrade Mod:

– The new interface has been moved to a separate mod.

* Added a new mod New Interface Mod, adding a new game interface (disabled by default).

ERA Gaming build v1.36.043 changelog:

* Updated ERA and scripts of the Era Erm Framework mod to version 3.3.5:

  • Fixed non-working events “OnBeforeBattleReplay” and “OnAfterBattleReplay”. Requires latest “BattleReplay” plugin from igrik.
    After the end of the battle, when the user clicks the Cancel button, an “OnBeforeBattleReplay” is generated. The combat state is reset and the “OnBattleReplay” event is generated
    in which you can return global variables to their pre-battle state because OnBeforeBattleUniversal will not be called twice
  • Optimization scripts for the new Era 3.3.5 and the BattleReplay plugin.

* Correction of the “Death Chamber” option:

  •  In a quick battle, if the battle is lost, and then the BattleSave save was loaded, and then if other Heroes attack other neutrals, then besides neutrals you also fight with the Death Chamber.

* Correction of the “Henchman” option:

  1. Heroes controled by Ai now get their henchmen from their first battle. Previously they are only given one if they enter the battle as an attacker.
  2. Henchman now gains 0 exp if the hero did not gain exp from the battle. This is for the balance of campaign. Previously the henchman is able to gain exp even after the hero hits level cap of a scenario.
  3. Enables multiplayer support for henchman script. Note: if the defending hero didn’t have a henchman, the player won’t get to choose before battle like the attacking hero does.

* Correction of the “Adventure cave” option:
– Fix multiple events didn’t occur as they should due to the battle round update of ERA.
* Correction of the “Freelancers guild” option:
– Fix erm error of the script.

* Option 824 “Maximum Secondary Skills” from ERA Scripts:

– Added compatibility of option with plugin “no secondary skills limit.bin” from ERA. Now, if the plugin “no secondary skills limit.bin” is enabled, the script for the option “824 – Maximum secondary skills” will not be executed. Previously, even with option 824 disabled, the script was still executed and the “no secondary skills limit.bin” plugin did not work.

* Mod “Secondary Skills Scrolling” updated:

– Added mod check to enable the “Warfare” script. Now, if the “Secondary Skills Scrolling” mod is enabled, the “Warfare” script is disabled. In order to be able to use the “Warfare” script, the “Secondary Skills Scrolling” mod must now be disabled.

* Updated ERM help to version 2.9e 03.03.21 (only for the Russian version of the assembly, to update this reference, you need to download the full version of the assembly).
* Updated HD-Mod to version 5.2 RC29:
– Bug fixes in graphics modes of OpenGL by Verok.

– Bug fixed: genie lamp did not mirror on mirror templates.

– Fixed game freezing when opening a lobby window.

– Changes for compatibility with the future version of HotA.

– Minor changes and fixes.
* Updated Game Enhancement Mod:

– Added a translucent border for the dark edges of the map opening.
– Returned the standard Era picture of the commander of the “Astral Spirits” (non-standard ones caused crashes of the game).
– Ability to quickly save the game by pressing F9 has been moved to Panda Upgrade Mod.
* Updated Panda Upgrade Mod:
– Added the ability to quickly save the game by pressing the F9 key. The save will be named QuickSave.GM1. Pressing F9 again will overwrite the old save.
– Added a new interface.
– Added the ability to view the spells available to the hero by right-clicking the book of magic, turn on the tavern. If there are more than three spells, then the spells will not be shown, only their number.
* Updated Difficulty Mod to version 1.032:
– enabled the Dif option to add extra abilities to enemies stacks (experimental)
– improved the AI artifact equipment mod, now AI will not equip double items
– improved reward chance for Battle reward, if the chance is bigger 55% you have a small chance to learn a spell if the chance is bigger 65% you have a small chance to find an artifact
– Monster now will not be set to aggressive automatically, instead, the aggression of all monsters on the map start will be increased by 2 or 3 points, making it less likely to get joiners
– added a check to prevent AI heroes’ primary stats overflow. Now AI heroes will never have more than 99 of any skill point
– lowered the chance for the Battle Commander to appear by 4%
– the Battle Commander will no longer spawn in creature banks
– lowered the creature growth in creature banks for Hard/Extreme/Insane setting
– changed triggers for Battle Replay to !?FU(OnBattleReplay)
– some more small corrections in Dif Mod.
* Other minor minor changes.


  1. gopo

    How can i disable the new interface? is there an option ? i really don’t like!

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Gopo, download new version of ERA Gaming BUild. In version 1.36.044, the New Interface mod is disabled by default. https://heroes3wog.net/homm3-era-hd-era-scripts-gaming-build-download/

  2. Gopo

    Thank you!


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