ERA 3 Launcher v2.926 update – Improved skeleton transformer

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (ERA 3), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP).

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ERA 3 Launcher v2.926 changelog:

# WoG Core
+ Improved skeleton transformer behaviour. Added new and interesting conversions and improved old ones – thanks to Archer 30;
– Removed axe graphics that replace the primary skill “attack” icon;
– disabled legends menu wallpaper;

# WoG Scripts
+ Emerald Tower: rewrote creature and skill selection dialog, improved AI improvement selection algorithm – thanks to Archer 30;
* Monster Week: Fixed ability to give speed for the war machines – thanks to Archer 30;
* Intelligence II: The number of dialogues is reduced, the crash at defeat/retreat in the battle from events is fixed, for AI these battles are disabled – thanks to Archer 30;
* Custom alliances: fixed alliances being knocked down at game start – thanks to Archer 30;
* Summoning Stones: corrected script behaviour, updated text – thanks to Archer 30;
* Enhanced War Machines I: fixed syntax error in the code – thanks to Archer 30;
* Enhanced war machines II: fixed catapult’s ability to retaliate – thanks to Archer 30;
* Advanced Witch Huts: fixed abnormal script behavior – thanks to Archer 30;
# Life without towns: the game will no longer warn about the phantom need to capture a city – thanks Archer 30;

# ERA Scripts
+ Added support for “gosolo” mode to some scripts;
+ Stun Boars: added stun sound – thanks to Archer 30;
* Dragon Towns: fixed the ability to open same hero meeting screen – thanks to Archer 30;
* Mortal heroes: all heroes except specialists now have their war machines removed – thanks to Archer 30;
* Battle experience: Fixed zeroing of experience when summoning a quick battle – thanks to Archer 30;
* Capture Gardens and Mills: fixed possession of objects by those players who have left the game – thanks Archer 30;
* Self-training: training is now triggered after autosave;

# Game Enhancement Mod
+ Added new buttons to the adventure map interface for future changes – thanks to Grossmaster for the graphics;
+ Added new plugin “ChooseAttack.dll” to switch the attack type, which displays the current attack type instead of the next one. Requires both players to be present in multiplayer. Alt hotkey – thanks to igrik;
+ Added fix to prevent hero from fighting himself – thanks Archer 30;
* Limiting the maximum number of thieves guilds to one per zone;
– Removed graphics for all creatures previously added by the mod. Beautiful creatures are now located in the WoG Graphics Fix mod, which is included in the assembly;
– Button with mod settings was removed, its function is temporarily performed by the element above the end turn button. Hotkey “~” (tilde);

# Advanced Classes Mod
* Fixed crash related to scouting events on the adventure map – thanks to Archer 30;
* Fixed negative damage dealt by Fire Mages – thanks to PerryR;

# Advanced Difficulties Mod
+ Mod updated to version 1.039 – thanks to PerryR;
* Incorrect parameter bonuses for AI on high difficulty levels have been fixed – thanks to PerryR;

# TrainerX
* Fixed hero name input dialog – thanks to Archer 30;
* Fixed skill descriptions – thanks to Archer 30;

# Secondary Skills Scrolling
* Fixed the ability to learn more skills than the limits allow – thanks to Archer 30;

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  1. HarpyHag9

    When using Era Setup Wizard the ‘next’ button does not continue to install.


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