ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.83 + changelog

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ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.83 changelog:

Game Enhancement Mod (GEM):
[+] Added a tooltip for equipped combo artifacts when clicking on the right mouse button like in HoMM V – thanks to JackSlater;
[+] Added a quick view of the window of the active hero by Alt+RMB on the “horse”;
[#] Fixed a bug that occurred when the hero boarded a boat;
[#] Fixed non-initialized state of the quick battle for the player;
[#] Fixed incorrect name of crypt and abandoned ship for new tooltip for creature banks;
[#] Fixed experience reset for 2-7 squads in the castle;

WoG Scripts:
[+] “Tactics” now displays bonuses outside of battle and works on summoned creatures;
[#] “WarFare” – fixed a bug that broke the interaction with all the skills of the heroes;
[#] “Summon Elementals” – now AI calls at the end of the turn, not at the beginning – thanks to Archer30;
[#] “Battle Academy” fixed a bug in the script – thanks to Archer30;
[#] “Living scrolls” – fixed a bug when selecting scrolls on non-random maps;
[~] “Living Scrolls” – Now they can cast a maximum at the advanced level of the corresponding school of magic;
[~] “Hero Specializations Boost” – reduced the frequency of casting by 2 times;
[#] “Hero Specializations Boost” – fixed casting during tactics;
[#] “Hero Specializations Boost” – fixed the creation of a phantom stack after killing a creature during its movement;
[#] Fixed crash when applying effects to non-existent units;
[#] “Spells Book” – fixed deletion of the original book after an unsuccessful attempt to pick it up with a full backpack;
[#] “Extended descriptions of dwellings” – the display of a hint when clicking on a hero standing at the entrance to a dwelling has been fixed;

“ERA ERM Framework”
[+] Added functions for reading all texts of the game, so as not to duplicate them in other mods and scripts – thanks to Archer30;

[+] Added videos of victory and defeat;
Advanced Classes Mod“:
[#] Fixed untranslated text contained in the script – thanks to JackSlater;
Era Scripts:
[#] “Randomizer” – restored reading ini-file with settings;

ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.82 changelog:

Game Enhancement Mod:
[+] Added a new script that displays the guards of creature banks in immersive dialogs – thanks to JackSlater;

WoG Scripts:
[+] The option of artifacts of commanders has been rewritten for a modern engine;
[+] Now spells from artifacts, conjured at the beginning of the battle, check the nature of the spell and the sensitivity of units to them – no more blessing on the skeletons !!!;
[+] Now the artifacts that reduce the aggression of monsters also work when viewing the loyalty of neutral creatures on the adventure map on the RMB;
[+] Now spell damage is correctly displayed and calculated with artifacts from the “Mage’s Ring” set;
[#] Removed some unnecessary code;

Era Scripts:
[#] Fixed message doubling when capturing objects without HD mod;
[#] Fixed zeroing of unallocated primary skill points between campaign scenarios – thanks to Archer30;
[#] “Heroes without armies” now work after loading the game – thanks to Archer30;

Advanced Classes Mod:
[#] minor fixes – thanks to PerryR;

ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.77 changelog:

WoG Scripts:
[+] Added a flag for the completion of the action of the squad with the “Eagle Eye” option – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed a bug with an incorrect spell target that occurs with the “Eagle Eye” option – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed adding tents by “First Aid II” option in creature banks;
[#] Fixed a bug that occurred before and after the battle with the “Art of War” option;

Game Enhancement Mod:
[#] Fixed a bug with the number of the hero that occurs when merging armies;

Advanced Classes Mod:
[#] Fixed incorrectly working “Artillery” – thanks to PerryR;
[~] Some changes in the class table – thanks to PerryR;


  1. Black Market

    silly update, you make more space for skills description, but the new skills life fearsome are still elsewhere.
    when will the bug with the banner dropping the set configuration be fixed?

    1. Perry

      “but the new skills life fearsome are still elsewhere”
      Explain what you mean?

      “when will the bug with the banner dropping the set configuration be fixed?”
      How to reproduce the bug?

      1. Black Market

        I mean that skills that got introduced to the game like master gremlins casting mine field is described when you open the level up progress table. but if a wider skill description space introduced – why would the skills not appear in that wider space?

        the flag bug when you set your troops to +50% bonus, then you add more troops to the ones with the set flag and it resets to +2 health standard bonus.

        1. Perry

          These are real minor remarks or issues compared to the advances that are currently made in the mod. Thanks anyway, this Warloadsbanner thing might be fixable.

          If all Stack Experience abilities were added in the description it would be way to much IMO, given the number of attributes some creatures get.
          Stack Experience and native abilities should be kept separate.

        2. daemon_n

          Hi, thanks for feedBack;
          Black Market bug is fixed, so no changes there;
          About creatures avilities – yes, dlg will been expanded to add new features there, but later 😉

  2. Black Market

    and please return the original game bug with the black market

    1. Perry

      old bugs wont come back. But what was this bug about?

      1. Black Market

        when you got no market and you come to an allied castle with a black market – you can buy artefacts for free

        1. Perry

          You can press F2 to open cheat menu and add the artifacts you want. For free 😉

          1. Black Market

            yeah i can also just play necropolis or conflux, that’s native

  3. Ruster

    Is my game code bugged? Magogs are labelled as catapults when damage is dealt against them. Banned spells still show up for obelisk runes


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