ERA 2.9.3 update + download


ERA 2.9.3
How to install ERA 

ERA 2.9.3 Changelog:

[+] Improved “ErmLegacySupport” option. Negative z-variables are not local for classic FU1..FU29999.
Negative z-variables are not nulled on FU1..FU29999 enter and other quirks.
Old WoG scripts bug count decreased.
[!] Warning. Modern ERM scripts should not rely on any initial y+, y-, e+, e-, z- value. Assign them
before usage. In named functions and non-functional triggers y+, e+, z- variables are local to current trigger.
Use temprorary global z+ variables or SN:W to return string values from functions.
[+] x1..x16 are also printed during ERM vars dumping.
[*] Question in ERM error dialog is changed from “continue without dumping” to “dump ERM memory”.
[*] IFs counter is now reset at each trigger start.
[-] Fixed bug: current hero was not set in a few ERM events.

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