Third Upgrades mod update v2.11.1 with fixed 8th units

With Third Upgrades mod every town can have a new building that is used as a general ‘upgrade guild’. Thanks to this the player will be able to upgrade creatures in the town to their new forms.

Each town type has a different building, a different description, a different animation and a different cost. To try to build the new building RIGHT-click on your Town Hall (or Village Hall, City Hall, or Capitol). You have always only one prerequisite to build – you must have a Castle. And of course, you have to have the right resources.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Third Upgrades mod version 2.11.1 changelog:

-ID 270-284 were reorganized.
-Returned 8th dwelling, fixed the issue of some creatures appearing upgraded from the Dungeon faction.
-Fixed 8th dwellings bug that consumed all wood and left you with -10.
-Now 8th creatures have normal growth as originally intended.
-Changed the location of the “8th units” button, it is now down for more convenience (don’t worry, anyway in HD mod it didn’t show the available numerical amount of creatures).
-The prerequisites and costs to build the 8th dwellings have been changed, now it is more flexible and fair.
-Citadel and Castle building now increases creature growth in 8th dwellings.
-Fixed a minor bug fix regarding to staff of doom (crashes in siege).
-Removed “Protection by all units in battle.erm”
-Removed “option 730-single-slot composite artifacts.erm”
-Added functionality to a couple of artifacts. (scripting by Kongsuni)
-A new artifact combo has been added.
-Emerald Tower has been fixed and adapted for TUM. Thanks to Archer30
-Fixed and adapted to TUM “Monstes are half price on 7th day of the week” script. Thanks to Archer.
-Fixed the names of Tides of War creatures when improve in Emerald Tower.


  1. Karid


    I downloaded newest version of Era, third upgrade and advanced class mod, now all treasure chest give 4000,5000 or even 7000 experience points.
    That’s ruining entire game
    Is it suppose to be like that or it can be changed somehow?


    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, I just tried it and everything works normally, try turning off all WoG Options and then starting the game


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