Minotaur Warlock and Power Bond (VCMI)


Andruids Expansion – a pack of mods that expand on Heroes III mechanics and elements. There might be new objects, spells, skills, units, etc.

Andruids Expansion Mods
How to install modifications for VCMI

Power Bond – a new secondary skill, learnable by magic-class heroes, that boosts attack of creatures using supernatural energy in combat. Such creatures no longer benefit from Archery Skill if they are able to shoot.

Power Bond is affecting creatures which have “Spell like attack” bonus. Affected creatures: monks, angels, mages, genies, giants, unicorns, beholders, wights, liches, gogs, efreets, devils, gorgons, pixies, psychic elementals and their upgraded forms + ghost dragons and thunderbirds.

Andruids Expansion Mods Andruids Expansion Mods Andruids Expansion Mods Andruids Expansion Mods - beholder

Minotaur Warlocks – a cosmetic modification that adds a Magic class variant to the Dungeon Faction – a Minotaur Warlock. Three vanilla Heroes assume this class (Darkstorn, Deemer and Malekith). There is no difference between this class and a regular Warlock. Hero Battle def was made by Trith and adventure map def was based on HotA team’s male Warlock.

To play with the new Minotaur Warlock Hero, you need to have the Power Bond Skill mod enabled.

Andruids Expansion Mods Andruids Expansion Mods - adventure map Warlock Andruids Expansion Mods battle Andruids Expansion Mods - Sulivan

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