Hero’s Hour was released on GOG.COM

Hero’s Hour is cute pixelized Heroes 3 like game with Turn-Based exploring and Real-Time (CUTE) combat and fans will know what to do as soon as they start Hero’s Hour. You don’t even have to go through the tutorial

Hero’s Hour is an accessible, yet-deep and content-rich Strategy Roleplaying Game. Take control of your hero, explore the world, build up your town, fight fast-paced battles, level up your hero and amass an army large enough to take out the opponents – before they take you out.

Hero’s Hour GOG.COM – buy Hero’s Hour on GOG and support Heroes 3.5 Portal
or try Hero’s Hour Demo (214 MB)

Procedural Generation

Hero’s Hour brings impactful procedural generation to the strategy game formula, ensuring that every time you play, there will be new areas to explore and strange buildings to enhance your hero or army. Seek out obelisks to start you on small procedural quests that send you around the world. You won’t even be able to use the same build order each time you play the same faction.

Hero’s Hour Features

  • 11 factions with special mechanics, strengths and weaknesses
  • 22 hero classes, with a special skill each
  • 50 common hero skills
  • 177 units (and 99 upgraded units)
  • 80 unique unit abilities
  • 166 artifacts
  • 83 spells (+18 spells unlocked via skills)
  • Dozens of impactful map buildings
  • Local “hotseat” multiplayer
  • Co-op with other players or even with the AI
Buy Hero’s Hour on GOG.COm and support Heroes 3.5 Portal.

Buy Hero’s Hour on GOG.COm and support Heroes 3.5 Portal.

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