Legacy’s Allure – HoMM 3 battles as a tabletop game?

Legacy’s Allure is a customizable, card-based wargame with no randomness. Command warriors, beasts, and mages on the battlefield to outplay your opponent in this chess-inspired fantasy battle. Game length is roughly 30-60 minutes.

Legacy’s Allure Kickstarter campaign

Legacy’s Allure key features include:

  • Tabletop. Remember when friends used to gather round a table instead of stare at a computer screen? Yeah, we miss that.
  • No randomness. Aside from the initial die roll to see who goes first, this game is won or lost by decisions you make.
  • Customizable. Preconstruct a deck (or “kingdom” as we call it) from hundreds of available cards from ten unique factions.
  • No CCG model. Tired of booster packs and pay-to-win? So are we. The best deck on earth will cost roughly the same as any other.
  • Fast setup. Throw down the map and you’re ready to start. Post-game clean-up takes under a minute.

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