Fanstratics – Update #20 – battlefield tank Paladin and Experience Potions

Fanstratics Troop: Human Paladin

Amongst the Allegiant, the staunch and slow-moving Paladin is a metaphorical battlefield tank, encased from head-to-toe in beefy, plate armor. As his rigid faith shuns cutting weapons, the Paladin utilizes a short, heavy, mace, while wielding a large shoulder-to-knee, thick, heavy, tower shield adorned by the Allegiant Seraph insignia. In combat, the Paladin can draw faithful support from Allied Troop Divisions, while naturally guarding against any Enemy Retaliation.

Fanstratics – Update #19 – Ramfolk Headhunter creature and Campaigns

Fanstratics Feature: Experience Potions

As a game progresses, Artifact Artisans will begin selling ‘Experience Potions’. Obviously, a player can purchase these items to boost the XP of ‘lesser’ Heroes and hasten their advancement. Hopefully, this will accelerate the later stages of a game. File this feature under ‘experimental’. We are going to implement it and test it. If this feature works out as expect, we’ll keep it. If this feature does not work out as expected, we’ll cut it.

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