Improved Skeleton Transformer + 19 new creatures – Third Upgrades mod v2.9

What does Third Upgrades mod v2.9 contain? [+] 124 New Creatures, [+] 90 New Artifacts, [+] Various decorative objects that are generated in RMG, [+] 41 new Dwellings, [+] 35 new Creature Banks, [+] New adventure objects.


Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Mysterious Cave has been added to the Third Upgrades mod in version 2.8.5. Events change every week. You can locate Mysterius Caves by pressing F2 key.

Third Upgrades mod v2.9 changelog:

  • -Now the dwellings are generated in random map.
  • -The scripts that replace map objects with dwellings were moved to a folder in “s” folder, if you want the dwellings to still appear via replace for random map you just have to extract the scripts out of that folder.
  • -Fixed Golden Goose gave 4750 gold instead of 7000 in total.
  • -Balanced Elemental Stockpile.
  • -The appearance of Orc Leader has been changed.
  • -Changed the appearance of Wolf Rider Killer.
  • -Changed appearance, name and slight abilities to Avernum Magog.
  • -Changed name and appearance of Hell steed, now it is called Hell Stallion.
  • -Changed the name from Terrible Hydra to Nightmare Hydra.
  • -Changed the name of Hellish Plague to Vermin.
  • -Changed the name Deadly Gorgon to Catoblepas and changed some abilities.
  • -All units using bows (except Sylvan Centaur) can now turn into archer skeletons in the skeleton transformer.
  • Now all sharpshooters (Including Sharpshooter Elf) can become Sharpshooters skeleton.
  • -Now all magicians or magic units (Except Ogre Mage) can become mana skeleton.
  • -19 new creatures.
  • -2 new creature banks. (Royal Treasury has anomalies in its input message that will be fixed in a future version, but at least it is fully functional).
  • -Fixed the problem with the selection outline of Skeleton Archer and Mana Skeleton.



  1. G Grant

    There seems to be an issue with war machines with this Third Upgrade Mod version 2.9.
    When you try to buy a war machine, it shows a numeric slider for buying multiple war machines, and when you try to buy one (or more) it gives the message “The ‘war machines’ would join you, but you lack the provisions to support them.” This is with the buy all war machines option enabled.
    Also in battle, if someone has a ballista, the ballista cannot be targeted, and the battle never ends because the ballista is treated as one of the troops that can’t be killed, since it can’t be targeted, not even by spells. The only way out is to retreat.
    Also, there is an error message before each fight of missing resources that pops up 2 times before the fight, and during a castle seige, the game crashes.
    This all occured during an online game, I didn’t see these issues in a single player offline game. They also didn’t happen with the previous Third Upgrade Mod, even online.
    Thank you for these awesome mods, absolutely amazing work.

  2. G Grant

    An update to this, after doing a clean reinstall of Heroes Complete and installing ERA Gaming Build v1.36.060, the Third Upgrade Mod v2.9 seems to work perfectly.

    Thanks again for all your work.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Oh, perfect!


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