Evil Armageddon spell – Did you know nr. 90 – Heroes 3 Complete

Only Evil alignment towns have the chance to get Armageddon spell in the Mage Guild. Probability of occurrence – Inferno 10%, Necropolis 10% and Dungeon 20%.

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Armageddon via Conflux Aurora Borealis works only in Heroes 3, but not in Horn of the Abyss

In Heroes 3 Complete Conflux Aurora Borealis fills the town’s Mage Guild regardless of mage guild’s level with all unbanned spells. Even spells banned on the global map can appear unless they’re not banned in a town with the Grail. In earlier version, any hero that enters the town learns all spells there are in the game. It was patched later to require wisdom to learn high level spells.

In Horn of the Abyss Aurora Borealis allows to learn spells up to according level of the Mage Guild only and doesn’t allow to learn spells not available for this town like Armageddon, Sacrifice….

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