Badge of Courage mystery solved!

Thanks to Machberet, we finally found out that the hidden effect of the Badge of Courage artifact (gives hero’s troops immunity to all mind spells) is not a bug!

Gus Smedstad, programmer at NWC, explained in 1999 that Badge of Courage originally meant to protect your creatures from the Fear spell. But this spell was deleted and Badge of Courage was changed so that it gives +1 morale and protects from Mind Spells. However, they forgot to change the description.

The whole quote from Gus:

“It’s not a bug. The Badge of Courage has an interesting history; originally it made you immune to the Fear spell. The Fear spell, as you may know, got dropped as being unbalancing. The Badge of Courage then got changed to “+1 Morale and immunity to all Mind spells”. Berserk is a mind spell. Unfortunately, the help text wasn’t updated.

Original forum post from 07.10. 1999

Original forum post from 07.10. 1999



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