Heroes Chronicles campaigns mod (ERA 2)


Heroes Chronicles mod is intended to add the classic Heroes Chronicles campaigns to ERA 2 so that you may use mods/WoG features as you please. Once enabled, the new campaigns will be in your custom campaign folder in chronological order.
Absolutely no portraits or scripts are replaced with this mod, so it should be compatible with everything. Please take note that if you enable any replacement settings it could mess scripted events up. Save yourself the trouble and disable any settings that replace artifacts, monsters and buildings on the map. Resources and treasure chests are OK.

Heroes Chronicles
How to install ERA II (Wake of Gods)

Author (Drake) enjoys good feedback and any bug reports. So you can just email him at dsdrakenecromancer@gmail.com or find him on Heroes Community. This is his first mod!


  1. alvin

    where to put the file, so it appear on the campaign > chronicles menu?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

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