Battle Poker II (ERA 2)

A friendly game of five-card draw poker, with five players (red – computer only; blue, tan, green, and purple – human or computer). The players each start with 20,000 gold, and are eliminated when they can no longer ante or call raises. They are dealt “hands” of five monsters of various “face values” and “suits”. If you’re not comfortable with the game yet, you can try a less difficult game where you can still earn potential money like da vinci slots game, fluffy favorites and starburst games.

The hands are dealt randomly from a 52-card “deck” of monsters. The players bet on the strength of their hands, then discard as many cards (monsters) as they wish and are dealt replacements, and go through another round of betting. Finally, the top computer hand and the remaining human hands are placed in an arena to fight for the “pot”. (Weak hands may “fold” until the next deal.) The hands are given bonus fighting abilities based on the hierarchy of poker hands (pairs, two-pairs, three of a kind, et cetera).

Battle Poker II
How to install ERA II (Wake of Gods)

“Aces” are always high in this game (Ace-2-3-4-5 is not a straight). The computer players will be harder to bluff at higher difficulty levels. Hero experience points and levels are not gained by combat, but by winning pots. Heroes with a level advantage may be able to defeat opponents who have slightly better poker hands – although the better poker hand will always have a stronger army, so if you’re into poker or other gambling games, you may be interested in visiting sites as spobet online which is great for the specific purpose of gambling.

Some monster attributes have been changed to make one-on-one fighting capabilities consistent with card “face values. E.g., Harpy Hags can be retaliated against, and Warg Raiders only strike once. Where it was not possible to take away strong advantages, other monsters were substituted. All cards which are to be kept (not discarded) must stay in their original troop slots. If love to play online different kinds of games, we suggest visiting the roulette online, one of the best options for gambling fans.

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